Sunday, June 12, 2016

CulpeperFest 6-10-2016

Every year the Culpeper, VA Chamber of Commerce holds an event called CulpeperFest.  The event is a business networking mixer with local businesses showcasing their products and/or services to each other and the general public.  Like a job or vendor fair…. 

This is the third year we have been invited to participate.  The last two years we provided a mix of special vehicles for the attendees to experience, this year we were invited by Laura & Don to be inside where all the rest of the businesses were so we could set up a booth for The Fisher House Foundation and Cruisin For Heroes.  Since Lou & I were outside with the cars the last two years we really didn’t know exactly what to expect inside.  It was a little different.

Lou, the Princess and I set up our booth around 1PM and began our 6 hour nonstop exercise!  Our group, Cruisin For Heroes, mission is;

  Our mission is to bring a family friendly Vehicle Display to an event that will raise awareness and funding for the Fisher House Foundation as well as other charities/local community service groups supporting Military Organizations, Veterans and First Responders throughout Virginia while encouraging interest in preserving the  great Classic Automobile hobby for future generations.

We feel that the most important part of our mission is to raise awareness of Fisher House….let people know it exists and how it helps our wounded Veterans rehabilitate back into society.  We do raise some money along the way but sharing what Fisher House does is what we mostly do.  So for Friday we did a lot of talking, to the point I was getting horse and losing my voice.  Lou & I were also beginning to feel the pain of old bones when the event was over around 7PM.  Like a lot of other endeavors in life, one may not get to see the fruit of their labors….but we planted the seed of the knowledge of Fisher House in many many people on Friday.  It was a good day for Fisher House and Cruisin For Heroes.     

Monday, June 6, 2016

Mid-Summer Thunder Cruise 6-5-2016

Friday afternoon we were ready to go to VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA and the weekly cruise….but….the rain beat us there…..

Saturday afternoon we were ready to go to the monthly Pep Boys Cruise in Fredericksburg, VA….but….the rain was coming and 3 different weather sites said massive, severe thunderstorms were due at the cruise around 5PM….so we stayed home….it never rained!
Sunday the same 3 weather sites said more severe thunderstorms were due in Colonial Beach, VA…..the destination of our yearly cruise to Jim Stills private 1954 Ford museum and the picnic hosted by Jim and the Colonial Beach Cruisers.  Our group, Cruisin For Heroes, was running the cruise so we had to follow through with it….even with the impending doom of the storms since it was advertised as a rain or shine event.  Last year we had 45 cruisers show up to begin the adventure….this year we had Tom in his blue/white ’56 Chevy & Lester with his very red Vette but the rest of the small group had daily drivers….because….it WAS going to be a stormy day.
Six vehicles left the start point in Fredericksburg to begin our uneventful 33 mile cruise to Jim’s museum while all the time we kept a sharp eye out for the armageddon of thunderstorms the weatherguessers said was going to set upon us soon.  The sky looked blue in places?  We could actually see the sun occasionally?  I began to wonder if we were driving in an alternate universe because the forecast just wasn’t working out….again
We arrived at Jim’s and everything was set up for a bunch of people…..but because of the weather only 5 people from Colonial Beach joined in the picnic.  Jim & JV had the games set up and people began testing their skill at the lifter toss, flywheel spin, push rod drop, piston ring toss, piston & rod toss and finally the blind driving contest.  They had enough pizza for a horde of marauding Mongols….so we had to help make it go away!  Please check out the pictures & video to get a flavor of what goes on at Jim’s picnic….
Around 2PM our little (8 people) started the short cruise to Wilkerson’s Seafood Restaurant.  It’s the only restaurant in Colonial Beach that serves a buffet, and a buffet is what we need when we had 90 people like last year….this year, not so much.  We all ordered off the menu and were pleasantly filled with local seafood.
Soon it was time to break up the party….some went back to Colonial Beach to visit other friends, others went different routes so the Princess and I had a nice restful cruise back to Stafford….  No rain all day!