Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thank You.....

Friday we cruised to Ashland, VA and the weekly Chick-fil-a cruise.  This is usually a 53 mile trip but because of the Memorial Day weekend traffic we chose to go around I-95 so we traveled about 67 miles instead!  The cruise didn’t have as many cars as usual, no doubt the cold weather caused many to think twice about venturing out….in fact right before the sun set we left too…..it was just too cold to sit in lawn chairs outside!

About 45 different vehicles showed up and as usual varied from new to very old hot rods.  I think the newest was Jim & Linda’s new red Vette and the oldest was the black/silver ’29 Ford coupe.  My favorite of the night was the black ’49 Dodge….with the “I like Ike” sticker on the back!  When I walked up to it I noticed two adults near it, looking kinda proud so as I pointed to the ’49, I asked….is it yours?  The both said no, but pointed to a young man nearby that couldn’t be over 17 as the owner.  As he came to the car he said yes he was the owner!  I asked if he rebuilt the car and he shared that many people had helped him get it to its present condition.  The parents shared with me that they offered to help him put together any kind of car he wanted….and he chose the ’49 Dodge!  I was so happy to see someone so young actually choose to play with old cars….there might just be hope for our hobby’s future!
The Princess ate her dinner and started whining about how cold it was and how far we were from home….and it was getting dark and it was cold….so we packed up and made our way home.  It was, after all, getting colder….grin
Saturday we wanted to cruise to Manassas, VA and the cruise at the Burger King near the airport.  This cruise is a year around weekly deal and managed by Bull Run Street Rods.  This is a very fluid cruise in that about ¼ of the cruisers just stay for an hour or so then leave and more come to take their place.  I waited too long to begin my walk around taking pictures and some of the cars I wanted to shoot had left but the lot was always full.  In fact we had to park up on a berm overlooking the lot….which was a cool place anyway and which we may use the next time.  My favorite car of the evening was the yellow ’32 Ford 5w with Mickey’s so large they almost met in the middle, blown SBC and had fun written all over it!  I really miss my RedRat and love to see these evil little cars on the road.  After the Princess ate she came back out and started complaining about the cold (I see a pattern here) but then they visited the ice cream vendor in the corner of the lot!?  But finally the whining was incessant….I thought we may be treated to a hands on the hips, foot stomping evil eyed look about how cold she was….so we all broke camp and cruised home….I think Milo was ready to go to.
Sunday we cruised about 45 miles to the Salem VFD a little north of Culpeper, VA.  This was a show that we had attended in the past but it hadn’t been put on for the last couple years.  This year Tony organized it with help from local friends and attracted over 120 cars to spend a gorgeous day in rural Virginia enjoying friends and hot rods.  The weather was Chamber of Commerce perfect and DJ Ron shared some of his vast music collection with us while we were serenaded by millions of Cicada’s!  Yes their sound is almost deafening, it is in the background incessantly.  It is the 17 year Cicada hatch….or Brood II as some are calling it.  They are everywhere and will only get worse for the next couple of weeks.  The sound is like a Road Runner horn that is stuck on….all day….  And when you pick up one of the little buggers they growl at you!  They can’t hurt you but they are still intimidating nonetheless with their little bulging red eyes and mindless flying into anything in their flight path.
DJ Ron received a few more hand signals from the ladies….you have to ask him….I can’t keep up with this!  Ron also offered a prayer for our Troops currently in service and for those that have gone before.  We need to pause daily and remember those that protect us….our Military and our First Responders….even with the near tyrannical government we are enduring now….we still are a blessed Country and should daily thank those that are fighting the good fight in our stead.
Tony has been involved in managing many events in these parts of Virginia and his expertise showed again on Sunday.  The event ran without a hitch as we have come to expect with his leadership.  The food was prepared by the VFD staff and was GREAT, far above normal car show fare.
The entrants varied from the usual local suspects to a red Fox Mustang that ran 16 hrs straight from Florida!  There were 4 of the Chevy AD trucks like ours….a lot at one show.  The red & white Betty Boop VW was wowing people and the ’70 Ford telephone truck was just too nostalgic.  And the red ’59 Caddy that was two zip codes long was the best example of the fins and chrome era that some of us grew up in.  The blue/black ’37 Chevy PU was very stately and unassuming….till he stepped on the loud pedal!  And Mr. Breeden was rubbing on his green ’68 Pontiac all day….I don’t think any dust or pollen ever spent more than a millisecond on his ride!  It’s always a welcomed addition to any show.  I liked the black/red striped ’35 Chevy sedan with too much motor (did I day that?) that growled coming in and leaped as he left the event, I think he was hooking up real good!  Stuart brought out his pristine blue, 427 FE powered Cobra….he also leaned on it a little when he left the event….I’m sure his foot just slipped….I know Stuart wouldn’t intentionally allow his tires to make all that noise….grin  This is another of the ‘must attend’ events you have to try next year if you’re in the area….you won’t be disappointed.  Since the weather was so perfect the cruise home was just a bonus to the day….I love this hobby.
Sunday the Princess and I just wanted to be by ourselves to reflect on the holiday and what it means to us.  We cruised in the old Chevy truck to Winchester, VA for lunch and enjoyed each other’s company while we took in the grandeur that God has blessed us with….while we remembered those that have sacrificed for us.  God bless and keep our Military Veterans.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday at the Q

Friday we cruised to VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA and the weekly cruise hosted by Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club.  The weather was superb and the cars came out!

There was a very clean red ’86 Mercury Capri….like a Fox Mustang….an unusual piece that was done nicely.  I don’t remember seeing the cool yellow ’67 GTO before or Bill’s brown/white ’57 Chevy hardtop.  A gleaming black ’24 Model T was present and at the other end was a new red Mustang 427R.
The Princess and Debbie were solving the problems of the world while Ron, Bill, Fred and I discussed politics and other weighty things.  I was engrossed in conversation and didn’t notice the sun was going down and before I got mobilized to take pictures a few cars escaped the lot….but there were still about 45 cars in attendance.  The Princess was given the VA BBQ Manager’s choice trophy….so she is happy because it’s all shiny and purple….   
We cruised home and got ready for Saturday and the road cruise….but it rained most of Saturday and part of Sunday….so the Friday cruise was the extent of our adventures for the weekend.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day in Fredericksburg, VA

Our Friday and Saturday adventures were rained out and it looked like Sunday might be the same.  But the cold front moved through about 4 AM so by 7 AM everything was drying out just fine except for some puddles on the roads that gave us a chance to check out the steering in the truck!  It was like playing a video game screeching from lane to lane avoiding the puddles….glad no one with blue lights was following.

We met Jim & Linda, Fred & Debie and Dan & Ramona at Bob Evans in N. Stafford, VA for breakfast then cruised to Fredericksburg, VA to attend the Fredericksburg Street Rods, 23rd Annual Rod Run at Walker Grant MS.  We like to attend this show for many reasons….one of which is where the proceeds go from this show.  The Special Needs program at Walker Grant MS is the beneficiary of the day’s proceeds.
Another reason we attend this show is the volume and quality of the cars in attendance.  This year there were 134 cars including the club’s cars.  The club cars are not in the competition but they do add to the eye candy available….which is a good thing.  This year’s attendees included some hot rodders from Maryland with some very nice examples of the craft.  In fact the red ’59 Chevy won best of show and the black ’37 Chevy was picked for an award too.  The variety of entrants varied from trailered ‘show’ cars, traditional flat black hot rods, smooth customs, original muscle cars, tuners, daily driven hot rods and one off pieces of art that happen to have four wheels!  Everything!  And the managing club, Fredericksburg Street Rods, ensures that the event unfolds in a logical way with the certainty of an atomic clock!  They provided all the Moms with a nice flower corsage when they registered….they have a tune hyster, Music to Go by Lyn Grayson, that keeps everything rolling….they have adult games like the creeper crawl that adds to the enjoyment of the day too.  Food was provided by “Tar Heel Pig Pickers BBQ” which was way above the norm for ‘car show’ food….and the ice cream truck was doing its best to keep Dan from whining.   Debie, Ron and the Princess were sitting in the shade developing their repertoire of personal sign language?  You have to ask them…. 
The award ceremony is unique for local shows….the winners are called and they have to drive their car to the front where they are recognized by the club individually and awarded their trophy(s) in front of all the participants.  The operative word is….drive the car!  About half way through the ceremony, Ed’s very nice black ’55 Chebby drove into the award area.  It was driven by a friend of Ed’s since he is recuperating from multiple injuries and couldn’t drive his own car.  Do you really get that messed up working on those Chevys?  The driver shut off the car, got out and received the trophy, got back in and tried to light the fire but proceeded to flood the motor.  Yes the car had been sitting all day, it was cold, the pollen count was off the charts high, the wind was blowing, it was the third quarter of the moon and we were experiencing neap tide, the driver didn’t know the idiosyncrasies of the start procedure….blah blah blah….it still wouldn’t start!  So it was ignominiously pushed out of the winners circle, banished to the netherworld….bummer.  And the hoots about Chevys were merciless….the Princess started to get prickly about everyone picking on Chevys.  Then later in the ceremony another Chevy had some difficulty starting and the Princess went wild….  She said that we should have kept our Fords….or maybe even buy a….Mopar!  I tried to reason with her like we don’t win anything anyway so it will never be a problem, didn’t work!  Arrggg….you have no idea….  The club truly provides the opportunity to have a great day at a car show and they did it again this year.

Be sure to check out the photos....light up the site, click 'slideshow' and enjoy;  http://www.flickr.com/photos/53063560@N05/sets/72157633482446938/

Monday, May 6, 2013

Inconvienient Cooling….or Our Friend Al lied….

As you may know my Doctor and I have been beating my case of shingles on the left side of my head, into submission….I think it’s mostly behind me now….I only have a slight head tick, my left ear is hanging down to my shoulder and my tongue is blue.  The Doctor says that by the time Haley’s comet goes by again all that stuff should be gone….  Just kidding, I’m good to go thanks to modern pharmaceuticals and benevolent nursing.   The only other thing I would say about that is….get the shot!

Friday evening we ventured out to visit VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA but the air temps were in the 60’s and dropping.  As soon as the sun started setting, just a little, the temps took a dive.  Since that is my target time to take pictures, right at dusk, I didn’t get to take any before we packed up and left.
Saturday was about the same….we cruised to Family Diner in Fredericksburg, VA for dinner and the cruise managed by Virginia Stockers.  We were a group of three vehicles and two more came in.  But by the time we finished dinner and set up to enjoy the evening the sun started to set and the temps with it!  We left around 7:30 and cruised home….no pictures of that either!
Sunday Fred & Debie and the Princess & I gathered at the WAWA in N. Stafford, VA to launch towards Manassas, VA and the 32nd Annual Bull Run Street Rods, Rod Run.  The Burger King restaurant hosts the event with the Bull Run Street Rodders managing it in their usual style….class!  This is like many old established events….the clubs know what to do, when to do it and what it’s supposed to look like when it’s finished….they did not disappoint. 
When we arrived at the event we met Lou & Arlene and we all drove into the show lot so we could park together.  The only complication for me was that since I was recovering from my illness I needed to stay in the shade as much as I could….so we needed to erect a canopy.  The Prince William County Fire Department made it real clear that there WOULD be a 20’ fire lane between all rows of cars.  And they actually visited the event during the day to ensure their threats were taken seriously and would be followed up on if the lanes were encroached….so….we actually took up 1 ½ vehicle spaces.  We were the only ones that used a canopy and I know a few of the club members were a little….miffed about it.  I don’t know if they didn’t want to confront me because they knew I was getting over an illness and needed the shade or they were intimidated by a 70 year old fat guy, waving his arms around and wearing purple tennis shoes….you decide?  But their obvious angst subsided when a Harley showed up, it just fit behind us in the shortened space….cool!  Problem solved!  At 8:30 it was still cold and when we sat….under the canopy….in the shade….it was colder.  Everyone put on their hoodies or jackets and even then most of us were shivering till about noon.  So this is how global warming is going to work out?
This show attracts mostly pre 1975 vehicles and this year proved the point again.  It is advertised for ALL vehicles but the newer vehicles seem to stay away.  I think there were just a couple vehicles newer than 1975 like the very nice black Challenger.  I personally like to see all cars so I’m good either way.  This show also brings out cars that are seldom seen as well as a good representation of the different car clubs in the area.  I think there were 120 cars in the show lot plus about 20 more in the restaurant parking lot and 6 car clubs represented.
There were many notable cars like Ron’s red ’60 Chevy and Richard’s blue/white ’60 Chevy.  The yellow ’55 Chevy was neat as a pin and Sam’s gold ’49 Merc lead sled just reeks of Kool.  I seldom agree with what is chosen as ‘best of show’ but this time the red ’71 Torino with the Shotgun motor was just perfect and very deserving of the award in my opinion.  There were many other vehicles at that level of perfection but the “WOW” factor just was there with that car.  And with that motor I think the “Force” was with it too!
We folded up camp and cruised home….another day in our life, riding around giving people something to wave at while we enjoy this hobby!