Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moonshine and hot cars

We started out the weekend with the cruise to VA BVQ in Fredericksburg and had to go in the back way through Ferry Farm because I95 & Rt.1 were backed up from an accident but with the summer here I guess every Friday night will be bad when traveling I95 & Rt.1! So we have to begin to use the less traveled roads to get around. We arrived late and “our” parking places were taken, if ya snooze ya loose and we were snoozing in traffic. grin So we took Wild Man’s places since he wasn’t there.. .. bad choice. While dusting off the cars the next day we had tree sap spots all over the cars from the trees where Wild Man and his friends usually park.. ..Hey Wild Man, you can have your parking spots back next week.. hehehehe

About half of the cars were new to us or majorly redone during the winter. Roger’s truck was painted over the winter and he had completed more motor work on it too, it’s a real nice ’72 Chevy PU you have to check it out. The Sunbeam Tiger was very nice and it reminded me of a customer I had in the 60’s that had one. I hated to work on the engine, no room.. ..look at the picture.. ..imagine changing spark plugs.. ..hmmmmmm And check out the black/flamed pro-street Jeep.. .. Yeah a Jeep, it sounded baaad and I bet it is a real handful herding it down the road!? Then the ’32 high boy roadster, the guy talked like it was his daily driver? It looked to nice to be a daily driver but whatever floats your boat. I’m glad Sue is still driving her red Plymouth, girls rule! Did you catch JV driving his bucket in? He looks the part; you need to check him out next time he is driving! John also made his fixed top a folding top, it did not originally fold up.. ..It was either up or off, now he can fold it up, neat job JV.

Saturday morning we met Andrew & Jose’, Fred & Debie and Dan at Bob Evans and after breakfast Fred & Debie led us to the Belmont Distillery and the Field of Wheels show. Since Fred led I was able to be the vulture in back and took some in route pictures. Please remember that the pictures are not that good because I have to take them one handed while driving the RedRat.. excuses just the reality of why they are not as crisp as they could be, just enjoy the trip. hehehe The show was nice, it was on grass and a little uneven and muddy in places but grass is always better than asphalt or concrete. Unless you’re the Princess.. ..Andrew helped her back up into her parking place and when she got out.. ..I think they have cows running loose on the grass during the week! She had to clean her shoes and the car floor mat.. ..she just whines too much! There was about 85 cars and 20 motorcycles, not bad for a first show. There were many nice cars but the dark blue 33 Ford 2 dr sedan was very nice, I love those body styles. The blue ’37 Chevy PU was back, we missed it most of last year. There were 8 or so 30’s antiques, originals from Richmond I think. They traveled together like a parade.. ..what a sight. Most of the old pickups are Chevy’s but most of the new pickups are Ford’s or Dodges? I wonder what that means? It was the first hot show of the year, and it was hot. The pollen was thick and I gave up on keeping my car pollen free but the Princess kept cleaning off her car.... The Princess also brought some "healthier" food for us, she is trying to make me live longer which is a good thing, I think. So we had cauliflower, broccoli, fresh fruit, sandwiches made on healthy nut bread, you get the picture....I was really glad Dale's wife and Andrew & Jose' helped make some of the rabbit food disappear! Promptly at 2:15 the awards were given out and Lou and Dan won trophies but the rest of us had to go home empty handed, the Princess is bleating.. ..! She wants to know where the guy that got the three trophies by mistake lives, so she can go get hers that he got by mistake? grin I need to send her for lessons on how to lose graciously, like a Princess!

The people in the gift shop and the man who led the distillery tour was helpful and informative, the Princess said she learned a lot about making whiskey? She bought some samples, she said we have to try it and see if we need more? The event has a long gravel access road but the Distillery had it graded right before the event and was running a water truck on it before we got there.. if you go real slowly it was ok. I think I can get away with just a few hours underneath cleaning the dust off .. ..except where the Princess ran over some cow droppings, yuck.. ..

We left the show and traveled to the Arby’s in Culpeper for the Culpeper Cruisers bi-monthly cruise. We arrived at 3:30 which was real early.. ..the event was going to begin about 5:30 or so. We met Tom who came early too and we all just sat under the shade trees and talked.. pressure, no stress, just chillin out and talking! About 5pm or so the cars and club members started arriving. They set up music and a free ice tea stand (which was very good, thank you very much!) and more cars came in or drove by. A gorgeous lime green ’73 Roadrunner drove through but didn’t stay. The Princess was continuing to make me eat healthier when we are on the road so out came the veggies? So I was real glad that Debie, Andrew and Jose' helped her eat all the rabbit food she had left so I didn't have to endure it. When I took the overall pictures it was too early, the lot filled up, I mean really filled up later in the afternoon! Cars were parked in the spaces and in the drive lanes, something different. About 6PM the Princess and I had a salad for dinner (more health food) and one of the Culpeper Cruisers told us to be sure and tell Arby’s that we get the Cruiser discount! That was cool! The Princess won two door prizes (one for her car and one for mine) so she was doesn't really matter what she wins just as long as she wins something! The door prizes were great....things that we will actually use and not throw away when we get home!

As with all cruises they each have a unique “personality” of their own, and this one was no different. The Culpeper Cruisers went out of their way to make us feel ‘at home’ and they accomplished it! They exhibit stereotypical southern hospitality.. ..they were genuinely happy we were there! When we had to leave because my foot was giving me trouble they called their 50/50 early so we could still have a chance.. ..which was a good thing because Andrew won it! They also had to move a lot of cars so we could get out and they still waved and thanked us for coming to their cruise. They have their cruise every second and fourth Saturday of the month if you want to see some different cars and meet some nice people just cruise on out to Arby’s in Culpeper.. ..they are ready for you!

We had a good time with good friends driving cars around giving people something to wave at..’s like living a dream! And Fred & Debie led almost all day which gave me a rest from leading all the time! The Princess is whining that all her hard work last week of cleaning the cars was wasted because they are now covered with pollen, bugs, dust and cow droppings! Once a Princess always a Princess.. ..As always please check out the Chucks Photos and Dans Photos link to enjoy the events a little more. And you may want to see Mike's blog on the same show...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Down weekend

Hi all....our kids came into town to celebrate their birthdays this weekend so we didn't do anything with the hot week will be very different!

Dan & Ramona did attend the show in Sperryville and they report that other than having to park too close to each other is was a very nice show. We are looking for some American made pick ups for our Fourth of July invitational in Fredericksburg and Dan made contact some with trucks that would qualify to be displayed. On the way to the Orange BK cruise DJ Ron got to use his trailer jack, you have to ask him! Please visit Dan's photo site for pictures of the two events.

We should be back in the saddle next weekend and we look forward to seeing some of you on the road.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Inaugural Country Road Rally

Saturday morning, bleak and dreary, rain and wind.. .. Lets go on a Road Rally! Yeah right! Andrew, another of our almost adopted children, met us at our home at 9:30 in the morning and helped us load our truck then we all left for the Burger King in Manassas to begin the Inaugural Country Road Rally. Dan & Ramona left about the same time from their home and because of the rain and wind we all took our “everyday” cars! We arrived at BK and the wind and rain had actually picked up so we decided to try and set up inside the restaurant. We talked to the manager who was very helpful and said they were a “car friendly establishment” and it would be fine if we set up inside the restaurant to get out of the weather. The first car that showed up to register was Wyatt and his brother in their DeLorean then John and Tim of the Stangs & Fangs Mustang club and then it was kind of a blur after that during the registration. I think we found out why Andrew wanted to help us and went with us.. .. He wanted to be first, he got the #1 Rally card! Some left as soon as they had registered and some stayed and had lunch but as the activity slowed down I realized it was 1:15! WOW We had registered just 17 cars but had sold 35 rally cards! We had planned on 300+ cars but the weather nixed that! Maybe next time….

We left BK at 1:45 and drove to the second stop at Culpepper Airport and the Commemorative Air Force hanger. When we arrived the airplanes were still in the hanger because of the rain and wind but the Rally cars were parked all around. The Rallyers (new word I just invented) were going over the airplanes and talking to the CAF people there. The CAF was very accommodating to all including the stop workers, Lou & Arlene, and had set them up in the CAF office area so they could manage the stop effectively. The CAF also set up a barbeque lunch, I don’t know if it was for us but it was a great idea! The CAF people shared their hobby with us like we share our hobby with those that ask.. .. I could hang around airplanes all day but we had to keep moving so at 3PM we all left the CAF hanger and headed to the next stop.

When we arrived at Tony’s Body Shop there were many people still there that had left BK early, there seemed to be a lot of interest in the stop. Henry was set up in the “toy shop” part of the complex and helped keep the Rallyers moving. Tony and Beth did a wonderful job of accommodating the Rallyers, I had heard about their hospitality from others in the past and they did not disappoint. They opened their shop and complex so we could see their cars, shop and use the restroom facilities which helped make the Rally more comfortable. .. . The toy store was like being in the winner’s circle at a Goodguys meet. Please check the pictures of those that were there, Dan & Peggy & Chuck for a view of their collection and shop. 4PM arrived and the rain seemed to be stopping so we left Tony & Beth and headed for the next stop.

As we traveled to the Classic Car Center in Fredericksburg the roads were drying up and it would have been ok for the hot rods. JV was the stop worker at the Classic Car Center and had everything organized and executed his job with precision and verve, it must have been his mustache! Marty was being his usual gracious self and hosting those Rallyers around his shop. I have been there a few times but saw a Corvair truck that was new, very interesting.. .. And I always like the green Camaro. We were rushed and should have left at 5:00 but didn’t get out till 5:30. We need to build a little more time in the next Rally.

We arrived at the last stop, Foster’s Grille, and the VA Stockers had their monthly cruise in progress. They had about 15 cars set up and more came in during the evening. Foster’s Grille accommodated us as they always do and helped us with room for the Rally .. .. and the food and service was great too, what’s not to like! At 6PM, with Ramona’s help we announced that we would determined who had the winning hand for the Rally. It was Tim & Jacob, they won the $350 pot.. .. I think Jacob was really excited about the deal. In fact after I took their pictures by Tim’s car with Jacob holding the money, I’m not sure Tim got the money back from Jacob! grin Tim decided to give $150 of his winnings to our charity, Wounded Warrior Project. Some wanted us to have the $10 rally fee split, ½ for charity and ½ for the winner, which was a good idea and what most events do to ensure the charity gets a contribution too. I had hoped that whoever won would do the right thing and donate a large portion of their winnings to Wounded Warrior Project.. .. They did! Thank you Tim! We stayed till 9PM talking and eating.. .. I love the car culture, if I had known it was going to be this much fun I would have started years ago!

I want to thank the stop workers who helped move the event along smoothly; Lou & Arlene, Henry, JV and Dan & Ramona. Dan is kind of quiet and just gets things done and usually no one notices his effort.. .. But I want to thank Dan for his tireless work and the advice & encouragement he gives me as we work on these projects, he is another of our almost adopted children.. .. grin And Andrew was always helping us carry things and making sure we didn’t get lost and end up in Richmond or somewhere else!

I asked Ted if he was happy with the outcome of the Rally, he was.. .. So all is good! And maybe Steve would win next time if he didn’t make Sally do all the Rally card work! Dan and I have a few things to change as we go along but I think we proved the format and will make it a little better the next time, we just have to find someone that is in charge of the weather! Does anyone want to go on another Rally.. .. maybe in September/October?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Madness Begins....

The Princess drove and I rode with her in her coupe to the Q....(VA BBQ) on Friday evening. It was very windy and cool but about 30 or so cars came out anyway. I didn't take any pictures but most of the cars were the usual suspects, it will start to fill up next week. When we left we cruised over to Central Park to see where the Stangs & Fangs were hanging out. We found them at the Circuit City parking lot and they had about 10 cars lined time I want to take some pictures.

We descended on North Stafford High School early on Saturday, April 4, 2009, to be part of the annual show there. Since I cannot drive the RedRat yet, the Princess drove her coupe to the show and I followed her in my truck. I took her back home and she took the RedRat to the show with me following in my truck again, she did real well with the Rat, only squeaking the tires a few times! We set up with Dan & Ramona, Les & Peggy, Lou and Chuck & Margret. It was very cool in the morning till the sun got up around 9AM.. .. But the wind blew a lot all day, no time for canopies!

Susan and her Skills USA team always runs a class show and this year was no exception. From the classy invitations to the first class trophies, this show is one of the best planned and executed shows around. And it is fast becoming known for the most unique and sought after trophies at any show; the trophies themselves make it a must attend show. Be sure to check out the photos on the webshots site.

There were cars from Prince William Cruisers, Stangs & Fangs, Stafford Classics, Culpepper Cruisers, Stafford County Sherriff and a few other clubs and organizations that chose to support this show. It is usually the first big show of the season around here and if the weather allows it is well attended. There were over 170 cars in attendance Saturday and many that were new to us. Sue drove her red go girl! We reestablished some friendships from last year and made some new friends.. .. That’s what the car shows/cruises should do!

The award ceremony was begun with the presentation of the Colors by the Air Force JROTC and singing the National Anthem…That was special! Stafford Classics won the car club attendance award and many in the club won Top 30 plaques. The Princess didn’t win anything but like she always says (when she loses) it’s not about winning or losing it’s about the social interaction and esoteric bonding that takes place in an atmosphere of likeminded sojourners that always trumps materialistic bling blings… I think she is not being honest with me…

We left the show and drove to Chili’s to meet with Jim & Linda for a late lunch. Then off to the A1 Speed Shop & The Late Night Cruisers cruise and the Valve Cover races. We set our racers with the ones already there and we decided to make the first race the one we have been waiting for.. .. Me and Dave----Mano A Mano---- A retired, gimpy, fixed income, half bald, can’t see or hear well old geezer against the young, in shape, hairy owner of a speed shop with a master valve cover mechanic as a partner and owner of the only valve cover racetrack around! Six months of pent up anxiety.. .. just waiting to explode! The testosterone was choking us, so without any test and tune runs, eliminations or any other distractions we raced. The Rebel Ford against the Chicken Express. I was soundly spanked by the red/white and blue Ford.. .. This is becoming monotonous.. .. Maybe old age and treachery will win next month.. .. Come and see.. .. I now have a month to try to win some respect for old people.. .. Any help? And the Princesses racer kept going to the left.. ..back to the frame shop!

The Princess was getting cold, Wah Wah Wah and my ankle was swelling a little so we called it a day. The cruise at A1 had about 30 cars in attendance and should get better as the season unfolds.
Next week is the Inaugural Country Road Rally.. .. Be part of this historic event.. .. Don’t miss it!