Monday, May 5, 2008

And Away We Go!

Friday night, May the 2nd, finds the Princess and I at VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA....with most of the usual suspects already there. The night was great and the cars came out and overflowed the parking lot, to the point that there were cars parked in the bank lot across the street! There were two restored early 50's pickups, the green one was especially nice. And a pink 39 Ford PU also very classy. After a long hiatus Ed and Carolyn brought out their stunning orange 39 have to check out this ride! The red deuce coupe hi boy with the FORD 460....Ford in a Ford, what a concept! But the high point of the evening was when VA BBQ's miss piggy got to meet piggy man Dan....check out the pics!

The inaugural circuit cruise began at Bruster's with Fred & Debbie's 57 Dodge, Cory's 02 Camaro, John & Debbie's 05 Mustang, Les & Peggy's 67 442, Dan & Ramona's 55 Chevy, Dallas and Carol's 31 Ford PU, Brian & Tonya's 73 VW, Ed & Carolyn's 39 Ford, Dale's 52 MG TDVW, Dennis's 72 Chevelle, Sam & Nancy's 87 Buick GN, Linda's 33 coupe and Chuck's 34 coupe. We left at precisely 4:10....on schedule, donchano! Ron and Gary stayed to set up for the Bruster's cruise later. These guys do so much to make the Bruster's cruise a success, be sure to thank them when you see them the next time! After a tense crossing of Rt. 610 from Bruster's to head east we cruised to Rt. 1 south....across the Falmouth bridge and on to Rt. 3 north. Rt. 3 was heavy with that tend to overheat beware! We arrived at the Home Depot shopping center and cruised through the Sonic....the people at Home Depot did not rope off the parking so we had to go to the end of the lot so we could park together. This made is difficult to go to Sonic's so we just stayed in the parking lot and stretched our legs. We also picked up Rick & Janet's 70 Torino....we waited a little while for a couple Mustangs that were getting there but we had to leave, they caught up later. Back out on Rt. 3 east to Rt. 1 south. We got a little separated by the traffic lights but we all reassembled at Foster's Grille. Sue and the FC&MCC had a cruise in progress at Foster's so we just folded in with them. As usual the music that FC&MCC provided was great, thanks for knowing what to play! We all had a burger & coke at Foster's then as the wind started to blow harder and the sky got real ugly we started to make fun of the cars with no wipers and/or inappropriate tires, hehehe. Then we added a couple more cars from Foster's and started our run to A1 Speed Shop. On the way a few cars left the circuit cruise for home but the rest of us drove on Rt.1 north to Butler Rd east and on to A1 Speed Shop. When we arrived at A1 their cruise was in progress with the Late Night Cruisers playing the music and parking the cars. Stuart brought out his red and white GT-40 and there was a nice 55 Packard that I saw last year only once. Dave and Ben always put on a nice cruise and remember guys, Mothers Day is soon and the guys at A1 have a lot of nice parts you could buy for your Mom!....grin. The sky looked worse so we decided to run back to Stafford and as we left JV and a few more decided to leave with us. The run back to Bruster's was great, no traffic, nice road, cool weather....nice. Back at Bruster's the evening was wrapping up. We got to see the evenings awards being given out and we mingled with our friends and made some new ones too. We called the night around 9PM....Whew. I have a few changes to make to the Circuit Cruise for next month....more on that later. Ya gotta try to make the Circuit Cruise next month....this could be big!

It was forcasted to rain Sat night and Sunday AM so when we got up Sunday and the ground was dry we knew it was going to be a good day! The Stafford Classics met at the Bloom's parking lot and ran to the Bull Run Street Rods show at the Burger King in Manassas, VA. We left Stafford a little after 7AM and cruised to BK the 'back' way, it's a prettier trip. When we arrived we found a place on the back row by the trees and set up camp. They ended up with around 150 cars and this is one show that always has a lot of pre 50 cars. There was a black and red Willys that was very nice and the orange Willys with the early hemi, it's a beast! Phil's Ford shined so much I had to go back and put the polarizer lens on my camera....The Custom Cruisers of NoVA were out in force as usual and won the club participation award. The day was exceptional and we were kicked back talking and didn't know the awards were being given out! The show ended around 2PM....That's refreshing to end that early, might catch on!? And since there were 150 cars at the show the Princess says they should have had a top 150!....she didn't win anything....her pouty self told me that I have to clean my own car next time, she says I have to hide my plaque hoo....she is so not happy with the outcome of this show! Hurry up next weekend!

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