Monday, November 10, 2008

On the road again, and again, and again!

The Princess was getting cranky so we decided to make a run to BK in Manassas on Sat afternoon….just to run the hot rods. The cruise was about ½ the normal attendance. It’s getting cold! BK has an unusual car personality….they usually have more than a few Pro-Street cars there and this afternoon was no exception. The noisy green Duster was there and the yellow Camaro, nice. Steve’s blue/white Maverick although not a “Pro-Street” (tubbed) car, it is one fast little blue oval! A line of Deuce coupes…. and the Corvette guys got the memo to be there….a whole bunch of those plastic cars….and the flamed yellow blown one….too cool! Ed’s white ’57 Poncho always stands out. The Bull Run Street Rod club was there as well as the Accelerators of Alexandria! For me the neatest car of the night was the light blue 58-59 Vette….It almost made me start looking for a Vette for me…. almost! We only stayed an hour or so….the Princess wanted to get back home, it was getting cold don’t ya know!

Sunday and back to BK in Manassas for the Lake Anna cruise hosted by Bull Run Street Rods. We met in the parking lot and introduced ourselves and since Tom was leading I got his cell phone number incase I needed to contact him during the cruise. There was a number of car clubs represented, Prince William Cruisers, Culpepper Cruisers, Stafford Classics and some I didn’t know. We saddled up at 10AM and left about 10:10….pretty close to on time, it was going to be a good day.

We drove Rt 28 to Rt 29S to Rt 522S and on to Lake Anna. The countryside was great and the RedRat just hummed along! Please check out the pictures….some of them are a little blurred but I uploaded them anyway because I thought they were significant, especially the one of us going around the S turn with the cars all leaning differently! I also shot a short video so you can see why some of the pics are a little blurry! The RedRat is a drivers car, it demands constant attention, it will not let you just go along for the ride, you have to be one with the machine or it will bite you….kinda like flying an airplane! Driving the RedRat is not a spectator sport…. it’s a contact sport! From steering, shifting, not waking up too many rats at once with the right pedal, trying to listen to the walkie talkie chatter, trying to see out the chopped top on turns, and then taking one handed pictures at the same time….Multitasking? I like that….so I’m a happy camper! Enough of this, I’m starting to sound like Princess Whinesalot!

We arrived at a club member’s home and parked in the grass near the driveway. You could tell whose car was the lowest by the sounds it made on the driveway and how the car was positioned on the driveway! grin They graciously opened their home for us to use the facilities and offered cold water and soft drinks….yeah buddy! We all stretched our legs a little and then saddled up to continue on….at that point we had 26 cars! There were three '40 Fords in the group....what does that mean? Should I buy a lottery ticket with the number 40 in it? We drove a few miles on Rt 522 to the Shell station where Rt 208 intersects Rt 522. We all gassed up and continued on to the lower area of Lake Anna. I have fished the lake a lot years ago and can tell you most anything about the water and the topo under the water but when on land I get lost real easy and we were being taken on roads I’ve never traveled! There is a marina by the dam that I don’t remember from the 80’s. It’s a cool marina and I would have used it whenever I was fishing the lower lake. There was a trailer that had a sign ‘The Crabby Pig’???? I knew Dan was going to be happy! We all parked the hot rods and walked around and used the restroom facilities. As we started to leave I was taking pictures from inside the RedRat and it started rolling back….toward the lake….I didn’t notice because I was looking out the camera viewfinder! Hmmmm Jim & Linda thought it was funny….I think they were waiting to see if the RedRat would float! Anyway I came to in time to stop the relentless march to the water….I wonder if those big tires would make the car float….hmmmmm We all fired up the cars and rumbled out to the hard road again. Since the ground was very uneven each car was taking its own path to the asphalt, meandering around like lemmings going to the edge, since I was the vulture (last car, waiting for dead cars or parts on the road) I got to see all that, it was like a cat herd playing musical chairs….That was a neat stop, a good Kodak moment!

On to Lakeview Restaurant….around the bottom of the lake up the cold side to Rt. 208 and then to Rt 522 then to Rt 719 and on to the restaurant. We filled up the parking lot and had to park in some bizarre ways and places! One of the hot rods slid a little way….toward the lake….it was a metal car so I know it wouldn’t float….hehehe It stopped in time, no foul, no penalty! The host club had reserved a whole room and drove the wait staff a little crazy but they coped very well with a room full of crazy hot rodders! The food was good and all things considered the service was very good too. We finished eating and some wanted to run home because it was going to be dark in an hour or so and they didn’t want to be hit by deer? Naw that won’t happen….I think the RedRat noise scares deer? Some of us decided to run to Carl’s in Fredericksburg for ice cream….Carl’s was going to close in two weeks for the winter so we wanted to be sure to stop one more time before that! Ted got out his laptop and plotted the most direct route to Carl’s….whatta guy! And he’s a biker too! We followed Ted on some more roads I didn’t know existed and popped out on Princess Ann St in Fredericksburg! WOW We had ice cream then split up, Steve & Sally and Ted & his wife headed North and Dan & Ramona, Jim & Linda and the Princess and I went home too! We drove 180 miles through the magnificent Virginia country side, got to meet some old friends and make some new ones…. This over the road cruising has possibilities and the RedRat does like to run those roads….hehehe

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