Monday, September 21, 2009

Work truck blues

Friday evening and the cruise at VA BBQ was very different. One of the host club’s members, Pop Wilson, had passed away during the week, I’ll be writing more about him later. The event was well attended with other clubs cruising through in respect.

Saturday we met at Mike’s Diner for breakfast then left for Manassas, VA and the first Applebee’s Car Show. We had planned to attend another event in Manassas but the Applebee’s show had Wounded Warrior Project as its beneficiary and since we support them we decided to change our plans. The event was well attended when you consider there was a competing show that was very old and established within five miles from Applebee’s. And when you consider very few people knew about it until about a month before the show date! Advertising will make a difference! The event has a great venue with ample parking and restroom facilities in the restaurant. Applebee’s had “car hops” that came out in the show and took food orders then delivered them.. ..A neat deal. The music was provided by Starlight Entertainment who did a great job. The event had an auction.. ..A really nice auction with good stuff.. ..Not the yard sale stuff you see at some car show auctions!

Of the 70 cars and less than 5 bikes I liked the black ’54 Chevy SS 454 the best. You rarely see the ‘54s but even more rarely see one this nice! I also like the silver/grey ’68 Camaro that had a very intimidating sound! I also liked the silver Noble and the white BMW Z3 coupe. The Virginia State Police SIV (Special Intimidation Vehicle) made an appearance, the reverse two tone paint job was a nice touch.. ..hehehehe My favorite retro Harley was there too, check out the back tire on it! Bill and his orange Willys won best of show and the Red/White/Blue mustang won most patriotic and got the nicest trophy of the event! Dan & Ramona won a best Chevy award and the Princess won a top 25. There will be peace and tranquility in Stafford once more..grin The “top 25” awards were little plaques, like what would go on a trophy. Some may think that was low buck, but then the more you spend on the awards the less you can give to your charity. There has to be a balance with this because some that attend car shows do so only for the awards. So if the award is small then some may not attend. I didn’t hear much grumbling about this so it might be OK? There were a few car clubs represented and the manager needs to have the club affiliation put on the registration cards to prevent the bickering about club attendance numbers. It’s an easy thing to do that solves a big problem for some!? HUH I thought it was about sharing our hobby with friends that are like minded enthusiasts.. easy low key day, not the competition of numbers of club members that can be at a show! Silly me, I guess I’m just too new at this deal, I’ll get off my soapbox now. We liked the show and will attend again next year.

After the show some of us cruised on over to the Burger King cruise near the Manassas Airport that is hosted by Bull Run Street Rods car club. This cruise is always a surprise.. ..It is always well attended and always has cars that we have never seen. Tonight was no exception. They had 4 T-Buckets then 4 T-birds.. ..a black, boat tail Riv and a very sinister black ’37 Chevy sedan. The red ’40 Ford with the small block Ford and cross ram intake, very different! And Scottie finally must be mellowing out as he gets older, he put a hood on his truck, I like it better, I think it makes his unique ride look a little more classy, but then I’m a hoodie kind of guy! Chuckle.. I really liked the red ’57 Chevy post, most of those ‘57’s are hardtops, the post just does it for me. We left the BK and cruised uneventfully home to get ready for Sunday.

Sunday we met at the WAWA in Stafford, VA and cruised to the Flying Circus show in Bealeton, VA. This show was a hoot a couple years ago but last year it conflicted with the last GM show so we didn’t attend it. Our Grandson and his fiancé wanted to go to the show with us and he wanted to put his new to him truck into the show! I figured it would be a good time for him to start with the sickness of car shows. His truck is a Chevy S-10 that is not cherry or cool but it is his and he is working on it. He had no intention of winning anything, he just wanted to be “part” of something like the show! It’s too bad the person taking the entry money made such a discouraging remark to him about his entry.. ..He might stay away from car shows because of it! That’s not how to encourage new people into the hobby! Anyway he and Lorana had a good time riding in the airplane and sleeping in the truck, that’s what teenagers do don’t ya know!

Last year this show was very unattended but this year there were over 130 cars! In fact they had so many people the restrooms ran out of water near the end! The food was normal fare for car show food and we were able to park on grass which is always nice. The music was a karaoke thing and not very good.. ..which was ok because we couldn’t hear it most of the time anyway. They had a couple of vendors and the award program conflicted with a friend’s son taking a birthday ride in one of the airplanes. We were photographing the airplane ride and missed the award program. We have heard some negative comments about the way the spectators were charged, one person had a Mustang they wanted to enter but he had his wife and daughter with him in the car so he was going to be charged $35, which is a bit steep so he left!

It was a real rollercoaster weekend, Friday was a downer, Sat was an upper till the deal about the club attendance but then the BK cruise was up then Sunday started off down but I think all that attended the event came away ok but we won’t attend the one at Flying Circus again.

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