Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Madness Begins....

March 20, 2010….the weather is exceptionally nice, sunny in the 70’s….perfect! I planned to have our hot rods ready enough to go to the first cruise next Friday but the urge to get out of the garage was too great to ignore, so off we went to BK in Manassas, VA. This cruise is year around but I think the “official” new season kicks off today.

I think the most unusual car was the white 1919 Ford center door, I tried to catch up with the owner but could not find him/her; I need to find out more about that car. Mike brought his red Anglia in then another red one showed up. There was a Chevy 789 which is kind of weird, in a nice way. Larry & Shirley’s new silver ’32 roadster was very nice. A lot of old & new muscle cars rounded out the crowd. We left a little early but there were about 160 cars….as with most cruises some came and stayed and some came in, walked around a little then left. It was a great beginning to this season. One down….99 to go!

I will be sending out our show/cruise itinerary again this year every week, if you want to be on my “list” of email recipients of this mailing please let me know.

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