Monday, April 18, 2011

Parts is Parts

Classic Car Center of Fredericksburg, VA has hosted a Swap Meet for car enthuasists for a couple years now but I have never attended. Dan wanted to try to clean out some of his accumulated "car" stuff at home ....I guess so he could get more "stuff"? I had some parts that I didn't want to mess with the shipping on ebay so I thought I'd try the swap meet with Dan. The Princess said that if Dan and I went to sell "junk", she and Ramona would go shopping shopping....never a good thing! I tried to explain to her that we were trying to downsize and save a little here and there. She said that it was her Patriotic duty to stimulate the economy by buying stuff....I'm doomed. My only hope was that I would sell more stuff than she bought! Marty and Garland have graciouslly provided car people a venue to sell and/or swap cars & car parts in the Fredericksburg area. They do not charge for this service and they usually have it on a Saturday. This year it rained on Saturday so they decided to open it up on Sunday too! They also provide meeting space for car clubs and will give tours of their vast collection of very special cars with little notice. They store special cars for people as well as perform restorations and sell consigned cars. If you are in the market for a "special" car you should put their shop on you list to check out. Dan, Jim & Linda and I left the WAWA at 8AM and arrived at the swap meet about 30 min later. We set up and began a day of selling and in the case of JV, buying! The weather was great, the fellowship was solid and the dollars were good. Dan sold a lot of things and I got rid of a couple things that were too large to send in the it was a productive day for us. Some friends came to browse the wares and talk for a while. Bill brought his new aquisition, a '65 Valiant, to see if he could find a new home for it. We had never done anything like this so we know what to expect the next time. When the Princess got home she was whining about she couldn't find just the right thing she was shopping for and that those shops just need to have more stuff and and she said I had to take her out to eat because she was soooo tired having shopped for so long!? So I get to pay if she is succesful shopping and I get to pay if she isn't? I don't remember agreeing to that 46 years ago? Next week we will be attending our grandson's wedding and won't be playing with hot rods....but....the next week we start cruising in earnest.

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