Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yes it's hot again.

After being rained out Friday and Saturday Ron & Jean met us at Bob Evans for breakfast then we cruised to Bealeton, VA to meet up with Steve & Sally and some other Prince William Cruisers. Then we all cruised to the Culpeper Cruisers yearly show at the Culpeper Skating Rink. Tommy was saving some really good places at the show for us....thanks to Steve. We unpacked and set up canopies because of the heat then watched the day unfold.

This is a yearly show and has always been one of the must attend shows around these parts. The Culpeper Cruisers always run a well oiled show and DJ Ron always does a superb job spinning the tunes and making the announcements.... This show is always well attended and Sunday was no exception as I think I counted 113 cars! There were many very nice cars like Arnold's purple '57 Chevy convertible, Steve's green '51 Ford convertible and the yellow Model A roadster. But the one I liked the best was the white '37 International pickup. It was trimmed in red, white and blue....and had SB Ford power! This is a WV car and was very cool and holiday appropriate! Be sure to check out the pictures.

After the show was over we cruised back home instead of attending the cruise at Bruster's....the heat just took everything out of us so we stayed inside the rest of the day and tried to cool down!

Monday, Memorial Day, we met at Perkins in S. Stafford for breakfast then cruised to Goldvein, VA and the annual VFD show. This show is on grass and is usually hot for some reason. Monday was a little warm, I think it hit 473 degrees under the canopy....nothing us car show junkies couldn't handle. I think there was around 70 cars in the field and I liked the black '59 Chevy pickup with the "real" flames. There also seems to be a flat black '55 Chevy set up with solid front axle like the old gassers at a lot of shows....and they are not the same cars! That would be neat to get a gaggle of them at one venue.... The show ran to the bitter end of 3PM when we broke camp and cruised home....running away from the heat.

I think Goldvein might turn out to be the last show I will drive the RedRat to....you will see it on HotRodHotLine soon. It has been and is a great car but since there is no recovery in sight with this economy I can't afford to keep running two cars.... So we will revert to a one hot rod family again and run around in the Princess mobile....hmmmmm No I will not be wearing the tiara or waving the wand.... Hmmmmm her car has A/C....hmmmm

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