Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Three Day Blur....

Friday we cruised to Fredericksburg, VA and the weekly cruise at VA BBQ.  Soon after we got parked and set up our chairs, I spotted Donnie walking around and we began talking about ‘back in the day’ stuff.  He is a very interesting guy….I may have to write something about him someday.  I guess we were standing/talking for a couple hours….because when we parted I collapsed in my chair and stayed there till we left!  So….no pictures that night!

Saturday we left Stafford, VA around 7AM and drove to Dulles Airport near Chantilly, VA.  One of our friends, Tony V., had suggested that we go with him on an Honor Flight welcome sometime.  It sounded like a neat idea so Saturday was the day we were scheduled to go.  We arrived around 8:20 and the flight was delayed till about 11AM….so we waited and talked with the other 120-130 people that had gathered to honor some of our Veterans.  When the Veterans began coming through the gate with their handlers it all came in focus.   They were not aware that we would be there to welcome them….some were in kind of a shock when we started clapping, shouting, holding up signs, waving American flags and walking up to them to shake their hands and thank them for their service and call to duty….it was a truly memorable experience.  There were young children as well as old people thanking them.  Please check out the pictures that one of our group, Lou R., took.  The Veterans were wearing the blue windbreakers, their helpers/handlers were wearing red and the Honor Flight group wore yellow.  The bikers wore black leather and the Princess and I wore red/white and blue! grin 
 There was one lady, a Navy Veteran, in the Veteran’s group but the rest were men.  All in various states of health….some had walkers some canes and some in wheelchairs but about half walked on their own!  We are losing about a thousand of these Heroes a day and this little gesture of thanks is something everyone can participate in.  The Honor Flight website explains it much better than I can so please visit their site at  After the Heroes visited the restrooms they loaded into the 5 waiting tour busses.  After they were secure they left for D.C. escorted by a group of American Legion bike riders!  WOW….  What a day….something I will always treasure.  We need to do that again….soon.    
On the way home Tony recommended we catch lunch at Santini’s near Chantilly, VA….a good decision!  So….a Greek was recommending an Italian Deli….this may not end well.  Happily we found that the food was great and unlike most Deli’s this one had more than ample room to sit and tables with chairs capable of supporting my svelte self.  Most Deli’s use chairs that would collapse if you put a Sears catalog on the seat….the ones at Santini’s could be used for safety stands under our truck!  I know not many of you think of such things but if you have ever picked yourself up from the floor after performing a failing stress test on a chair you would understand.  I recommend Santini’s when you are in the neighborhood.
Saturday evening we cruised to Fredericksburg, VA and the Family Diner cruise.  Even though I was still a little full from our visit to Santini’s earlier, the Princess said we must eat…. You ever see a picture of little birds in a nest when the adult bird brings the food….the little chicks screech with their mouths open….chirping, feed me feed me.  So we ate….again….within 4 hours….I felt like a tick that had been hanging on someone for a week….burp.  As I have said before the food is great at Family Diner and I really enjoy eating there….but for the first time I can remember I had to take food home in a doggie box….I hate that.  ‘They’ say that women always take food home but rarely eat it later.  Men, however, rarely take food home but always eat it later…. I think I can buy into that conclusion…. warmed up french fries at midnight are ok!  The Colonial Beach Cruisers paid a visit and there were about 20 cars before the night ended.  This is a very relaxed cruise….just friends talking about cars, life and anything else that comes up….even politics!  The night started getting a little chilly around 9PM so we cruised home and got the truck ready to the next day.  The Princess whined till I turned on the valve for the heater….heat!?  I guess fall is right around the corner.
Sunday we cruised 22 miles to Occoquan, VA and the Prince William Cruisers fall benefit car show.  As in years past their charity is Wounded Warrior Project.  This year they presented Wounded Warrior Project with a check for $7,177….not bad for a local car club!  Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I always enjoy helping them with their shows.  The Princess and Ramona sell T-Shirts, Dan helps Dave with checking in this year’s 185 participants and I help Jo and Roger with registration.  This show usually attracts a lot of participants with varied vehicles and this year did not disappoint.  Steve is able to make sure the show runs with Swiss watch precision due to the adept assistance from an army of club members.  Their working harmony is conspicuous and very few are left standing around long after Steve sees them.  I just wish Steve could bring more clip boards…..grin  Sally and her helpers sold more 50/50 tickets than I can remember, almost $1300....WOW!
The quality of vehicles is astounding and the ‘Best of Show’ was a work of art.  It’s not something I would drive but it was something to marvel at….the result of many craftsmen’s skill and effort.  There was a red ’71 Plymouth RoadRunner that made the Princesses blood pressure rise a little.  And I’m glad Bill & Lisa brought out their red ’37 Ford Slant back….the little travel trailer really sets it off!  But my favorite was the little yellow & white Nash Metropolitan….we see it occasionally and it is always an attraction.  While I was taking the photograph I overheard someone ask the owner, a lady, how much she would take for the car.  With no hesitation she said $100,000!  I guess that was just easier than saying it’s not for sale….chuckle…. 
After the award ceremony we had an uneventful cruise home….then another feeding stop at Hibachi Grille in Stafford….a very busy weekend….  Just wait till next weekend….we are going to “Occupy” a Mopar show, just wait till you see what I do to a New York Trooper cruiser….it may be on the evening news….or not?  We’ll see….hehehehe

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