Tuesday, June 18, 2013

River Madness....

Friday evening found us at our default cruise location, VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA.  We consider this our “home” Friday cruise….we attend other cruises on Friday but always come back to the “Q” on most Fridays.  The weather was picture perfect and about 50 vehicles came out.
I am on Facebook more than I should be, maintaining our ‘No Class Cruisers’ page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/331539540273153/.  And in the process I ‘meet’ new people that share our passion for special cars.  The cruises and events we attend allow us to put a live person with the electronic being we have been communicating with….  The ‘electronic people’ are a whole other deal….read the book; ‘Alone Together’ by Sherry Turkle….we are ‘there’!  Anyway a few weeks ago I met Bill and his very cool brown ’57 Chevy and Friday I got to meet his friend Jo-Ann.  I have also been ‘talking’ to a yellow Camaro owner, Kandy, and Friday we got to meet her too….neat deal!
We were treated to Hoppy’s over the top red/white ’55 Ford glass top, Crown Vic…..this car has to have every available factory option for a 1955 Ford!  And….and….Hoppy brought his matching red/white ’55 Ford golf cart….just too cool!  Mark’s drop dead gorgeous orange ’73 Camaro looks like the paint is at least 18 feet deep….I think he knows something about paint…..grin.  The thing that made me laugh was the juxtaposition of the super low, suede black, 30’s traditional hot rod sedan that was parked on the handicapped spot….just makes me giggle every time I look at the picture.  Then there was the vehicle that was at the top of the “I don’t think so” list….the Boss Hog that is powered by the 502 BBC with Nitrous….I don’t even want to think about twisting the tail of that scoot.  Soon after I completed taking all my pictures we saddled up and cruised home….
Saturday six vehicles launched from the WAWA at 7AM and cruised 20 miles to Fredericksburg where we picked up Bill and his Valiant.  We all cruised the remaining 45 miles to Tappahannock, VA and the 11th Annual RivahFest.
We had attended this event two years ago and enjoyed the day there.  But it is scheduled the same weekend as the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY….since we cannot attend both events every year, we alternate and this year Tappahannock won!  The event is sponsored by the Tappahannock-Essex Chamber of Commerce and is a “typical” town supported event.  There were over 70 vendor booths with crafts and antiques for every taste.  And food vendors fit for a Princess….she says that her favorite, the crab cake sandwiches, must be getting popular because the waiting line was about 60 miles long….she had to discover some new munchies….so she found a hamburger….at a nautical riverside event that specializes in seafood….a hamburger?  I also found crab racing, drag racing style, which was fun.  It must have been an ‘old’ guy that made the sign for the crab racing; it was a front engine car, not a modern rear engine one….interesting.
And of course there was a car show, what’s not to like?  About 125 vehicles attended the deal and varied from original antiques, muscle cars, off road vehicles, a tractor, a fire truck, a few snarling pro streets and a whole bunch of hot rods!  I liked the way kool orange ’56 Merc, the green with real flames ’33 Ford coupe, the cream/champagne ’70 Chrysler 300 Hurst and Kirk’s always intimidating orange/purple ’67 Chevy PU.  Wyatt brought his silver (what else?) DeLorean to wow the crowd.  He sets it up like it’s from “Back To The Future" complete with a stuffed Einstein and the flux capacitor.  It is always a crowd pleaser.  There was even a yellow ’72 AMC Gremlin, we seldom see them at events.  Maybe there is a reason for that?  There was a nice dark green ’69 Camaro with the cross ram intake….I could never get those carbs to run right!  The most unusual vehicle was the black ’06 Holden UTE….you have to check it out!
Since we arrived early we got some primo parking spots….most of us.  We were under some trees that lined the grass field and would be in the shade till about 3pm, which was when we were going to be leaving.  When we came in Dan & Ramona was the last of our convoy and had to park in the sun.  Wyatt knows that the Princess and Ramona like to talk during the day so he gave up his parking spot, in the shade, to Dan.  Dan reciprocated by erecting his canopy for Wyatt and Dennis so they would have some shade too.  After the switch Wyatt realized he was parked about 20 feet from a generator that was running continually and producing about 6 million decibels of ear bleeding mind numbing noise for 6 hours….I think he lost his voice from yelling answers to questions about his car over the generator noise all day.   The Princess asked why Wyatt didn’t turn on his flux capacitor and make the noise stop?….you have no idea.  And Wyatt traveled about 120 miles from Annapolis, MD to the event….I think we ‘owe’ Wyatt.
We also got to meet a young aspiring artist by the name of Jackson.  He is 13 years old and does pencil drawings of cars that are really good….he just kneels down on the ground and draws!  No special easel of other equipment….just a pencil, some paper and talent!
About 3PM the sun started to get on the Princesses parts so she began the whining to leave….so we all packed up and cruised home.  Some of us visited the weekly cruise at Family Diner when we got to Fredericksburg and visited with some other hot rodders there.  We found out that Bill won best of show at RivahFest with his red ’51 Ford panel…..a good end to a great day playing with our hot rods and enjoying old friends and meeting new ones.  I love this hobby.

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