Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Fourth of July 2014

Friday we were to provide a Fisher House Foundation presence at the annual Culpeper car show.  We had to leave at 5AM to make the show.  At 5AM, three weather sites were showing rain between me and Culpeper and it was coming from the SW.  It looked like it would linger till 9-10 which was too late for us to make the trip.  Hurricane Arthur was moving off the coast and it looked like it wouldn’t impact us, but you never know.  So we cancelled going to the event.  Of course the event went forward and by 9AM the sun came out the day was perfect!  Low humidity, gentle breeze, couldn’t ask for better weather.  And they had the largest number of cars at this event to date.  The rain has been a problem for us this year and I really didn’t think many spectators would come out….I was wrong. 

The Princess & Debie got together Friday morning and visited the Fredericksburg Heritage Festival to do some crafty shopping.  Later Fred & I met up with them in Fredericksburg and walked around a little.  Brent’s car display was filled up nicely and Tony had his Fisher House display working.  In fact Tony took in $150 by the end of the day and gave out a number of FH brochures as well….a good day in Burg!

Saturday Jim & Linda, Denny & Betty and the Princess & I left the WAWA then drove to the weekly cruise at the BK in Manassas.  Along the way Dan & Ramona joined in with us.  As we were parking at the BK Bill pulled in beside us with his ’57.  He said Jo-Ann was out clowning around somewhere and wouldn’t be joining us that evening!  It had been raining during the week and a large mud hole had formed in the area we like to park up on the grass berm.  So we parked on either side of the puddle and set up Bill’s canopy between the cars since the space couldn’t be used for cars because of the mud hole.  We had a great time talking, eating ice cream and much so that I didn’t take any pictures!  Time flies when you are having fun I guess! 

About 7:30 we broke camp and began our cruise home to Stafford, we like to be off the road by dark since I am having difficulty seeing with oncoming headlights on narrow country roads.  On the way each cruiser peeled off on their individual streets but the Princess & I decided to pay a visit to the local Popeye’s for some chicken so we kept running into Stafford.  We cruised by the BK near Popeye’s and noticed the weekly 610 Cruisers, cruise was doing just fine….the lot looked full of cars.  Choices….

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