Monday, September 22, 2014

Life after rain....

Friday we cruised to the Dairy Queen in Fredericksburg, VA to attend the weekly cruise.  Tonight was to be “special”.  Nick had convinced some of the big tire car guys to attend the cruise and if they showed it would indeed get real noisy!  The Princess & I rolled in early so we could dine at the DQ.  This is not little finger in the air dinning but just good old solid American food….it always pleases.  Some other cruisers started arriving and coming in to eat with us….too cool.  When we went back outside the lot was half full and the music was cranked up. 

As the sun’s shadows were getting very long the background din was interrupted by the growling and snarling of something….something that would not be ignored!  The Pro Street cars were rumbling into the lot!  Five of the gnarliest street machines around jockeyed for proper parking among the other rides.   They moved back and forth guiding the beasts precisely where the drivers wanted them….it is a kind of dance all hot rodders do as we park but the big tire cars defiantly dance with a different tune!  Before they safetied them down the crowds began to gather….and they soon were inundated with people!  Those kind of cars are what is at the heart of hot rods for me and evidently a lot of other people too!

But….there were other cars too!  Bill’s Model T Racer draws a pretty respectable crowd too and Bob’s ’33 Ford with the supercharged flathead harkens to our roots.  JV’s T-Bucket is like it's right from a 60’s hot rod magazine cover!  I think that’s why many like the hot rod culture; it brings back memories of a happier time….maybe?  When we had to leave the big tire cars were still in the lot….but it was time for us old folks to be home.  We found out later that some of Fredericksburg’s finest closed down the road by the Dairy Queen and allowed the Pro Streets to exit, quickly and noisily to their waiting trailers….grin  I probably missed the video of the year by leaving early….  I did get to shoot some artsy fartsy pictures anyway….fun.

Saturday we left the start point in Opal, VA and began our 120 mile odyssey to Wardensville, WV and the monthly cruise at the Quarter Mile Diner.  While we waited in Opal it began to rain….not just a shower….but real rain!  Oh well….we had stayed home too many times this year because of rain and we were driving a “road” car that is ugly underneath and doesn’t mind road spray too much….so we shook our fist at the rain and Fred & Debie and the Princess & I left on time for the mountains.  In Sperryville Bob & Benda and Butch joined us for the day.  After we crossed one mountain in the rain we made a pit stop in Luray for fuel and bladder control.  We then proceeded over the next mountain by a very lesser traveled road.  Rt. 675 winds through the woods on a narrow country road….no side lines, no center lines and in some places no guard rails!  It is fun but does demand the drivers attention all the way!  We dropped into Edinburg, VA then continuing on Rt. 675 we climbed into West Virginia and rode the ridge of the last mountain that paralleled the WV-VA border.  The road was full of switchbacks and inclines, up and down!  The countryside is almost pristine in places….just beautiful.  Somewhere before we got into WV the rain stopped and by the time we arrived in Wardensville it was dry!

Our four dirty rides parked in the lot of the Diner and before we stepped away from them the host of the cruise, Scott, was upon us….smiling and shaking our hands welcoming us to his little corner of heaven.  I met Scott on Facebook.  I have so many “friends” on Facebook but I have never met half of them in person.  Scott invited us to his cruise early in the year but it rained the first time we were scheduled to visit but it worked out just fine this time.  The Diner is owned by a genuine gearhead that has tasteful auto memorabilia throughout the inside of the Diner.  There is also a garage next door with more automobile memorabilia around it….it was a very cool place to take pictures.  And the food!  The menu is auto centric with selections like El Camino salad, Rag Top Po’Boy, Malibu Tenders and it goes on.  I had a Nitro Burger.  It was very tasty but I thought it might put a little pop in my step….no luck!  I guess I’m ready for a rebuild….grin  After we finished we said our goodbyes and cruised on Rt. 55 to the Mother Road, Rt. 66.  Yes we have part of it in Virginia!  We cruised another 75 miles home to end the marvelous adventure.  You have to come out and play with us sometime.  All that road spray will wash off and you don’t want to miss another opportunity to make some memories….or….you can stay home and watch TV….choices

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