Monday, March 30, 2015

The 2015 Season Begins....

The year’s first cruise in Fredericksburg, VA begins with the Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club gathering at, where else, VA BBQ!  This long standing weekly cruise happens every Friday evening from 4ish to 9ish….  The weatherguessers were doing their best to scare cruisers away by pushing the rain our way….but in the end a few of us dared it to keep raining and drove our hot rods to the cruise.  But….it was cold. 

A lot of people had done major work to their rides over the winter and this was a kind of “coming out” deal for them….Darl brought out his completely updated blue Camaro….that sounded very lumpy!  Carl brought his old green ’64 Plymouth….such a cool ride.  Denny, AKA Snowbird Agitator, arrived in his Bernardini with blue hands, it was cold.  Then Bill herded that mountain of parts that is his Model T Speedster to the mix….and he was very cold.  Fred joined us with his ’57 Dodge, sporting new chrome reverse/baby moons thank you very much….they give his ride “that” period look.  David brought his Fox and Paul came with the Sponge Bob car.  It was cold.

The host club has a new music set up that worked just fine playing the old radio stations with DJ’s chatter….they also built a new ‘Corn Hole’ game (bean bag tossing at a hole in a board) for this season….A few hardy souls tested it…..I think it worked just fine, but it was cold.  This club also has begun a new Saturday night cruise at Pep Boys in Fredericksburg on the first Saturday of each month.  We have needed a Saturday night cruise in that area for quite a while….check it out if you are in town.

I took my pictures but when I came back by our truck….I noticed the Princess was seated inside!?  She said it was way too cold for Princesses to sit outside….her magic wand wouldn’t work?  So she waited patiently for me to get done with my minion stuff….she needed to go home.  It was cold….

And so begins the 2015 season….  We will be attending fewer shows and more cruises this year….we really want to drive our hot rod instead of sitting in our lawn chairs so much.  We will also be going on a couple “vacations” this year so expect some gaps in the reporting.  There is a lot going on around here and you need to check the calendars at these two sites for choices, remember it’s your time, your ride….go where YOU want to go;

And I always post my pictures here;

The Princess and I hope to see you on the road this year….join us if you can/want….I send out a weekly email with our itinerary….if you want to be on that list just email me at;



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