Monday, April 27, 2015

Fighting with the Weatherguessers.....

The weather for the Friday cruise at VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA was perfect and because of that there were 50 other cruisers that thought the same thing and paid the parking lot a visit.  A lot of the usual suspects and a couple new rides rumbled in. 

John brought out his black cherry ’37 Chevy that he completed this winter….it’s so nicely done….you have to examine it closely when you see it.  The little original Mini attracted a lot of comments and I didn’t get to the red ’60 Chevy in time to take a good picture, but it was a mild custom that had that just right look.  With another cruise within 5 miles of this one, people cruise in and stay for a while then cruise to the other location so it’s difficult to really know how many people visit.  It happens all night….it is what it is.

Out small group of our trouble makers gathered behind our rides to discuss solving the world’s problems and learning more about each other till around 8:30 when the cruise ended with the presentation of the pig trophies!  A barbeque restaurant hosts the cruise so the club presents a couple trophies with a pig on it each week….too much fun.  The Princess treasures the one she got years ago….it sits on her side of the computer desk….right next to her pirate Santa clause and the Princessofquitealot pumpkin….it’s a process….it’s all good…. My side of the 8’ table is usually neat & devoid of clutter unless I’m working on a projece….her side looks like the inside of a hoarder’s closet, after an earthquake.  When the Princess began using a computer next to me a few years ago, she claimed one half of the table was hers.  She has been encroaching ever so slowly to the point that she now has about 60% of the horizontal space.  I guess Princesses need a lot of room for Princess stuff, what do I know….

Saturday it rained out our planned activities so we waited for Sunday morning to see if the weatherguessers were going to be anywhere close to their prognostications.  I know, I have to give them a brake….it IS a 12 hour forecast!   They were predicting that the rain would be gone by 9AM….

Sunday the Princess got up at 6AM….peered out the window and announced that it was raining….back to bed for an hour.  I got up at 7AM….the rain was just misting so I checked three different weather sites on the computer and they all said the rain would end by 9AM….so we go!  Fred messaged me to see if we were still going….it was still raining where he lives south of us. 

Our small group of 3 vehicles left WAWA promptly at 9AM and cruised 35 miles to Manassas Virginia to attend the ‘Remembering Fallen Officer Chris Yung’ fund raising car show put on by the Northern Virginia Mustang Club and hosted by Juke Box Diner.  Last year we had missed this event due to scheduling conflicts but we wanted to make it this year.  The ground was damp to wet in some places as we left Stafford, VA and cruised North.  But the closer we got to Manassas the drier the roads were so it looked like it might be a good day.  We arrived to completely dry pavement and sunny skies….in fact it was picture post card perfect weather….  While we were cleaning the cars, Fred & Debie arrived from their 2 hour, wiper intense trip to join us.  As we all were setting up camp the ladies began to chant something like….the restaurant is open, they are serving food, we are hungry, FEED US--FEED US--FEED US….when this crew gets together it is usually brutal.  So….we men (lower case on purpose) dutifully followed the ladies to the nourishment corral….opps, restaurant. 

We have never visited this establishment before and were pleasantly surprised on Sunday.  The variety of the offerings was staggering….the service was very upbeat and helpful.  It seemed that quite a few car people decided to dine at the same time and the staff was close to being overwhelmed….but we were taken care of quickly and without mishap.  The food was terrific and fairly priced (I thing they gave us a ‘Senior Discount’ too)…. we will come back!

When we retreated to our ‘camp’ behind the cars we all began to notice what a great weather day it was becoming….just perfect, you have to check out the pictures and the temp was in the low 70’s!

Given the weather pattern that was forecasted and the unreliability of the local weatherguessers I’m sure many potential attendees stayed away from the event.  That is too bad….it was a well managed event that raised money for a great cause.  And did I mention there is a great eatery close by?

 There was about 50 vehicles that did join in on the fun….some of the cars were notable and unusual.  The red ’59 Cadillac is a welcome addition to any event as is the red/black Studebaker.  The red/white ’50 Dodge 4dr with the Hemi is a seldom seen ride and it was just too cool.  There were a lot of very nice newer cars too, Camaro’s, Mustangs, Mopars and even a late arriving Viper….  Some say the newer cars shouldn’t compete with the classic cars….but for me…..a fund raiser is all about the money, if you want to raise $$ you need to include everyone.  And in the end it really doesn’t matter who wins or loses as long as the charity wins!  For me the best of show was the little green ’32 Ford push car….it was a primo build and the munchkin was really enjoying the attention he was getting.  Good job parents, you have initiated him into a wholesome hobby that he can enjoy the rest of his life!

As we were breaking camp to leave the event, Dan & Ramona joined us on their way back from the TSRA Rod Run in Williamsburg, VA.  A few of us decided to visit Carlos O’Kellys in Stafford on the way home to wrap up the day’s adventures.  And so we ended another great day visiting with friends and driving old cars around….I love this hobby.

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