Tuesday, September 27, 2016

VA BBQ Fredericksburg, VA 9-23-2016

Friday we visited the weekly cruise at VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA to see exactly who would come out on a near perfect weather day.  A lot of the cruisers were infrequent visitors and some we saw that afternoon for the first time!  But most were the usual suspects. 

The dk blue ’64 Malibu was very impressive and just recently completed.  The orange ’69 VW bug was amazing….so “stock” looking but it was running a turbo charged built little wheezer motor….all the plumbing was tucked neatly under the hood, very nice.  The orange/red ‘60s’ MB was different with the GM V-6 power.  My favorite of the evening was the orange ’36 Plymouth sedan with the “Tower of Power”, slant 6 engine….it’s very refreshing to see more use of the inline motors the last few years.  They don’t make as much HP but their ‘cool’ factor is higher than most ‘normal’ V-8 engines.  And this one has been massaged a little too!

The club announced the 50/50 winner and the trophy winners for the night then we all went our separate ways home.  One of the winners was Dave B. and his drop dead gorgeous, hurt your eyes green ’37 Chevy Sedan!  The car is amazing….you have to check it out when you see it.  And….Dave is the owner/operator of B&R Customs in Fredericksburg, VA.  Since I do most of my own work/repairs on our vehicles, I rarely use or recommend a shop.  But I have had Dave do some work on our farm truck that I’m getting too old to do and I am very happy with the outcome.  Dave and his staff know the attachment we hot rodders have to our rides and treats them accordingly.  The truck came back with no “new” mystery scratches or dings. The truck now handles better than it has since we bought it in 2011.  So….if you need some work on your hot rod that you can’t do or don’t want to do….check out B&R Customs in the Burg.  It was a good cruise but it was just a little nippy on the way home….I may need to dust off the snow shovel soon.

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