Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hi all....I will be posting to this blog on a weekly basis, usually Monday or Tuesday. It will be the ramblings of our hot rod cruises and shows, which usually happen on the weekends. I post pictures of all the happenings on my webshots site in my profile. It is meant to be informative and entertaining, no stress here please! I have NOT read many 'blogs' so If I'm making some blogsocial mistakes in my writings, please let me know, I may change....grin ENJOY

This weekend we have planned a cruise tonight to Fredericksburg, VA and then to Manassas, VA. And tomorrow a cruise is planned to Tapahanock, VA and back to Stafford, VA....more on these on Monday or Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Awesome Chuck! I think this will be a great way to keep us regulars informed and show the world that Stafford is the happenin' place for cruisers and show car lover's alike! I look forward to seeing it grow!!!

Brent said...

Cool Blog--I enjoy reading it. Any pics from your SoCal cruisin' days?

Stafford is the center of the best cruisin/roadtrippin/car clubbin' group in Virginia...

502 Herder said...

Sadly I don't have any pictures of that time....I was mostly driving/fixing cars and chasing girls....that's partly how I met my bride of 43 years!

Anonymous said...

Cool Blog, Chuck !!
I'm envious of your early cruises because on Sat. 3-29, I was shoveling 4" of snow. MUST BE NICE!

Keep your blog going.