Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cruise 3-29-08

It's Saturday, March 29, 2008....6PM....Time to cruise.

The usual suspects met at the Bloom parking lot in Stafford for the Sat nite cruise. Andrew, blue Camaro....Rocky, red Vette....Dan & Ramona, black 55 Chevy....Linda, red 33 and the slacker's red 34. We drove to Pizza Hut on Rt 1 and met Les & Peggy, 67 Olds. We had to leave after 20 min or so, everyone started to talk Italian (check pics....the hands! grin) and the Slacker couldn't understand anyone! We drove the proposed circuit route to A1 Speed Shop in Fredericksburg then through part of old town Fredericksburg to Foster's Grille and dinner. Check out the pics, I think the Slacker is having too much fun! We left Foster's and cruised the new Sonic out on Rt.3, just to give people something to wave at! Then back to Stafford for coffee. We traveled 63 miles and the cruise track should work just fine. Please visit for pictures http://community.webshots.com/user/33coupe

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