Monday, October 27, 2008

And so ends the 2008 show season

Since the Princess is dealing with an allergy attack of mold from a school bus she was using last week, we couldn't go to the VA BBQ Friday night. And it rained all day Saturday. But Sunday the Princess was feeling a little better and since this was the last show of the season and since the Princess was determined to get her 'pumpkin' trophy this year we decided to go to the Hoppers Show in Winchester.

Ron in his '28 Dodge, Ed in his '39 Ford, Dan & Ramona in their '55 Chevy, Jim & Linda in their '08 Vette and the Princess & me in our coupes all met at Bob Evans and loaded up on artery clogging food....I say ya just can't have enough MSG, riboflavin, #74 red dye and lard! Wow that was fun, burp!

We left Stafford and cruised to Warranton to meet some friends from Custom Cruisers at the Liberty station. As we were turning off Rt. 17 onto Rt. 29 I told everyone to look out for a Liberty gas station then I saw a guy running down the side of a parking lot waving his arms....It was Dallas! Sometimes driving my coupe is like looking out a gun slot of a tank, I really don't have much field of view....I missed the Liberty gas station. After some very unconventional lane changing and way too much talking over the walkie talkies, we got to the meeting spot and shut down the cars to meet the people who were waiting for us. We met Les & Peggy with their '67 Olds 442, Phil and his red ' 70 Ford, Dennis and his green Chevelle, Marsha and her yellow Firebird and Dave & Sue in their red Chevy SUV. Dave had some major engine work done to himself and is recovering....I don't know how he thinks he will fully recover driving around in those foreign cars? hehehe After some reacquainting and using the facilities at the gas station we formed up and left. Dallas led, which is OK with me as I like to just follow someone once in a while, it is so much easier than leading....and I don't get blamed if we get lost! grin While on Rt 17 heading for I-66 we passed a Sheriff deputy so I took a pic of my speed....just in case! Outside Winchester we stopped at the Sheetz station and met up with Larry & Sandy with their black '55 Chevy and then cruised to the show.

We parked and setup, Hot Rod & Lila showed up and parked with us....the Princess started her schmoozing by putting her decorations on her coupe....she wasn't going to be denied a trophy today! Someone (they drive a blue '08 Vette) put a frog/toad in my car....actually they put two animals in my car! I wonder what the message is here? Mr. Toad's wild ride comes to mind....I am trying to be more socially responsible with the RedRat.... It is now classified as a hybrid car, it burns gasoline and rubber! AND I have installed an additional safety device, a passenger side air bag! Whatta guy! Now if I can just get my atomic powered lazer directional stabilization device tuned a little better I can be able to keep the car pointed forward when I step on the right pedal....hehehe Ed put a stem on his car and turned it into a pumpkin....funny Ed....Special Ed....hmmmmmm

The show is a collection of varied and special cars. There were many we had not seen before. The '66 red Vette was one of the nicest Vettes I have seen, he has late model undercarriage and a gorgeous paint job! My favorite was Terry's red '64 Dodge with the big block dual quad short ram motor. This car was straighter than any car I have seen! There isn't anything on this car I didn't like! The attention to detail was superb....check the photos This is one fine Mopar, please take the time to go over it when it is at a show with you! There was a '54 Chevy custom drop top that was painted with a bronze/copper color, very nice engine details. And 3 black '55 Chevies....and a black '56 too. There were more Tri-fives at this show than I can remember at any show we have gone to this year! And the blue & orange Ford GT-40 was a hit, people said "Why this color?"....I guess they didn't know that was the color they were painted originally when they were raced in France! The little orange Lotus was cool as well as the candy apple red VW! A very clean champagne '34 Chevy, I remember that car from last year, it's still a stand out! There were so many exceptional cars, please take the time to look at the pics....As you all know I like to talk to people about my a guy was talking to me about the RedRat and the conversation evolved to airplanes, my first love. It seems he owns a T-6, a very nice T-6 that I have photographed a few times over the last couple of fact I photographed it a few weeks ago at the AirFest in Culpeper! It is the one with the red and yellow checkerboard cowling. Anyway he is considering building/buying a hot rod and wanted to know a lot of details about the RedRat....Airplanes and hot rods....the perfect mix! That would be Mechanical Nirvana....

Hoppers Car Club runs a very well organized show....they had time points to hit and they did! Everything ran smoothly and efficiently, the club members were very helpful with any questions or requests....a class act! There were inside restrooms and very good food fact the Princess liked the food so well she went back twice! The sound system was improved from last year and we could hear the music and announcements even in the cheap seats! The announcer/DJ guy (I forgot his name) agreed to present the Princess with her much deserved trophy....She got a pumpkin trophy for the whinniest female driver on the planet! Our oldest daughter, Michelle, painted it for her, it's the "Princess Whinesalot" trophy. I thought it fit pretty good! She said she liked all the attention but she will have to enlighten me as to what REAL whining is all about! I'm glad she still has to work to pay for car parts and I'm home by myself at least 6 hrs a day! grin There were over 110 cars at the show and some of us got a top 30 plaque....the Princess got one too! I'm so glad she got one....the winter will be much nicer now....I didn't say that!

The show was over and someone from the Custom Cruisers suggested to run to South St. Grille in Front Royal for dinner....we all deliberated, about .04 of a second, and agreed that would fit just right! So with Dallas leading we cruised to the Grille and finished off a great day! The food was great and the service was instant, as usual. You have to try the cherry cokes if you go there and I didn't hear anyone complain about the food....except Ed....I think Carolyn needs to go with Ed to control him....he is so....special!

We ran Rt. 55 to I-66 to Rt 234 to I-95 to Rt 610 and home....a magnificent day and the "official" end to the show season! We will still do some cruising till December but will then put the hot rods to rest till March! Another great day with friends, new and old, driving hot rods....It doesn't get any better....I love that car!

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Andrew said...

Great right up of everyone's day, also great pic's of the day! You have a awesome blog and photo's, great year of cruises and show's. I hope to make it to more of them next year :)