Monday, October 13, 2008

The Columbus in some of us!

Columbus Day weekend....What did Columbus do that we celebrate him anyway? Didn't he drive around on the water and look for places to go and things to do? Yeah, that's it!

We had family in town from PA and CA....The Princess and our kids were going to Thurmont, MD for a massive craft show. I don't 'do' craft shows....all I end up doing is being the mule, carrying things! So if I don't go the Princess can't carry as much....and I don't have to loose as much money to buy stuff....stuff that will be eventually given away or in a yard sale! Works for me! And my younger brother, Joe, was here from Napa, CA to visit our Mom, who lives with my other brother, Tommy, in Culpeper. So a friend of mine, Lou, told me about an air show at Culpeper airport....that is something I like more than cars....airplanes! Soooooo I could pick up Joe and we could attend the Culpeper Air Fest, spend some quality time with my brother I only see every few years and see some airplanes up close and personal too....whatta deal!

The Air Fest was really neat. They had a lot of T-6 and T-34 types. A lot of biplanes, some from the Flying Circus in Bealeton....a Naviaon was there and a Yak 3. The Yak was a contemporary of the P-51 Mustang, which our dad flew in SWP during WWII. It's neat to hear those V-12's run. Nalls Aviation had a L-39 and a Harrier....which is the only civilian Harrier on the planet! This show was the first outing of the airplane! And there were many other airplanes there, check my pictures out. We were unable to stay more than a couple hours because my ankle was causing problems for me and I couldn't stand up so we left. Driving from lunch I discovered that Joe had not seen the RedRat! Hmmmmm I think a ride is in order. So we picked up the RedRat and I gave Joe a ride back to Tommy's home....I think he enjoyed it....I have to fix those tires, they keep spinning and smoking! hehehe When I arrived back home the Princess was there....she was complaining that she was so tired from walking around and driving over 2 hrs one way and she couldn't carry all the things she wanted to buy (see above!). But she did enjoy the day with her kids and grand kids.

Sunday was planned for us to chill out and try to recuperate from the previous days way....our 'other children' (Dan & Ramona) started whining that they wanted to go out and play and that they were hungry and need to go somewhere to eat and it was too pretty of a day to stay home and and and and....I get it! So we fired up the RedRat and met them to go to Brunch. We both had looked at Dallas's webshots album about South St. Grill in Front we decided we would try it out too. The day was right for the RedRat, not too cold but not too warm....just right! So the Princess said she would ride with me, even though I didn't have the 'Oh S**t' handle installed yet. She said she had a thing of two to talk to me about....I told here she might get a sore throat by yelling at me all day over the Rat's motor noise! After she gave me 'that' glare she said that I just better listen harder? OK? So off we went, we met Dan & Ramona and headed to Front Royal and Brunch (I have to think of a different name for's too yuppieish for me). Real men shouldn't do brunch!

The ride to Front Royal was uneventful and we arrived at South St. Grill before does that still qualify as brunch? The service was instant and overwhelming in a good way. The waitress was very attentive, it must have been my hat! The food was great, the ladies had spaghetti and Dan & I had burgers. Dan's burger was so big I couldn't see his face when he took a bite....can you hear his arteries clogging? As usual I couldn't eat all my food...too much! And the cherry cokes were just as I remembered from the 60's. The place is decorated in 50's-60's's really cool. Not too much but enough to jar some memories...I like the pic of James Dean in the gas station....I had never seen that one! And the hot rod border was perfect...I gotta find that for my computer room! There were some people that talked politics but since this blog is non-political I'll not go into that here....

We decided to not go back the way we came so we got on Rt 340 and drove the countryside between the mountains to Luray. That's a great easy ride through the countryside, on a road not often traveled. At Luray we jumped on Rt 211 and headed to Sperryville....over the mountains....The RedRat had not gone over the mountains yet nor had Dan's 55! Whew....we made it over the mountain and to Sperryville without incident. The ladies wanted to stop at a fruit stand and get some....fruit! While inside the store the Princess had to demonstrate how not to stack quart glass jars of spiced peaches.... peaches like her Grandmother made for have to ask her! It only took 15 min to clean up the mess and she only was bleeding from one toe but it was her bad toe! I told her she should never go shopping without her steel toed shoes....she told me what I could do with my shopping ideas.... and that I need to be quiet and carry things, after all that's why I was here!

While we were getting ready to leave the fruit stand I suggested we go to Carl's ice cream in Fredericksburg....all were excited about that idea so we left for the Burg! We drove through Culpeper and into Fredericksburg on Rt 3 to Rt 1 and on to Carl's. Why is the first bite of ice cream the best? The rest is good but the first is the best.... Before we got done with the ice cream Dan & Ramona started whining about being hungry....huh? So it was voted on and I lost....we were going to Carlos'O'Kellys for dinner! We decided to take the hot rods home and go to dinner in the silver bullet. While I was putting the RedRat on the rack the clutch was acting weird, I'll have to check it out before next weekend!

We ate dinner and enjoyed the finish of a great day driving hot rods through the country side...eating too much....having too much fun with good for me!

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