Saturday, July 18, 2009

A lazy Saturday by the beach!

Colonial Beach, VA Volunteer Rescue Squad’s 3rd Annual show. This show was not advertised well, we found out about it from a flyer a couple months ago but it was never put up on the net! Even so they had 80 cars, bikes and 6 Big Rig Trucks.. ..Not bad for an out of the way small town show! If they advertise on the net next year it will be better.

This show was held on the “Town Hill” in Colonial Beach, VA which is a hill area in the middle of town adjacent to the Potomac River beach. The venue is great with rolling grass topography to park on, pine trees around the perimeter for shade and one of the main streets in town runs right by the event. It gets a lot of walk through spectators, which I like, and the people running the event make me feel comfortable just being there. The music is only interrupted by important announcements so we got to hear a lot of good music. The restroom facilities were adequate and very clean but if there is a fault other than the advertising it was more restroom facilities need to be provided. This is difficult because you never know how many people you will have attending but I think they should plan for more people next time, if they advertise better. The food was OK for “car shows” but the little bags of condiments with a napkin in the bag that could be used for a trash bag, that was given with the food was a real hit! And the price was very reasonable, $1 hot dogs!

The cars were varied but I remembered that this is the place where the car owners like to decorate with mannequins’! A lot of mannequins’. It does add a certain interest that might not be there otherwise and it does lend a nostalgia ambiance to the cars so I guess its ok..... Check out the pictures and you decide!? I really liked the green ‘57 Caddy that was towing the period correct fiberglass boat, with fins on the boat! There was a ’57 Ford with a finned glass boat too.....that was a real hoot! The boats were made/sold by Herters.. ..My dad and I used to order fishing and hunting stuff from them in the 50’s-60’s. I still have some reloading tools that came from Herters! I saw a water bag like the ones we used in the 50’s when we went from coast to coast traveling especially in the west. There was a very nice silver ’73 Challenger that looked like it was all business, stage 3 Hemi and tubbed.. ..Looks like a wicked ride! Southern Truck and Custom was showing a cool Ford crew cab and a Jeep 4dr. They brought some really meaningful door prizes.. ..Like radios, black lights, tool kits and other expensive/usable things.. ..Not just a pen from a local bank, grin.

Then there were the big rig trucks. I don’t know much about those trucks except they are big! They have inline motors that have enough torque to change the spin on the planet and really big wheels. I also know that when I ask my 3 year old granddaughter what kind of truck does her daddy drive she says very matter-of-factly.. ..A Kenworth! So I guess the KW’s are a good thing!? I liked the yellow Peterbuilt with the graphics. Since my ankle is better I now have time to take more artsy fartsy pictures once in a while so I took advantage of the large, shinny hubcaps on the big rigs to try some reflection shots…take a look.

We must have been enjoying the company under the canopy because before I knew it, I heard the announcer say to start walking up for the awards! It really snuck up on us! Dan & Ramona got a top 30 and the Town Mayor’s pick! Tony & Janice got a top 30 and the Princess got a top 30 too.. ..There will be happiness in the kingdom this week! Hehehehe We were going to run to Orange and the cruise at the BK but I was just too tired (our grandson was helping us paint the homestead this week.. ..almost wore me out!) so we folded up our tents and headed for home. A nice easy show that we will return to next year.

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