Monday, August 3, 2009

How hot was it?

Saturday, a few intrepid cruisers met at Mike’s Diner in Stafford, VA for breakfast and then on to the show at Brandy Station, VA. We had missed that show the last 4 years because of rain or other commitments so we were eager to attend this year!

The show is on grass and part of the 3 day Brandy Station VFD annual fair. The show is managed by the Culpeper Cruisers and whenever they are involved with a show you know it will be done correctly! DJ Ron was the MC & DJ and did his customary exceptional job, no surprises here. The restrooms were porta-potties.. ..but they were freshly cleaned and had hand sanitizer in the units and there were enough of them so that the Princess tells me they were still fine at the end of the day! The food was great with BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, funnel cakes and lemonade.. ..typical county fair fare. Andrew also had some health food, I think it was a corn dog? The Princess made me eat bean sprouts, snap peas and jicama slices.. ..Oh yeah I feel healthier! The only thing the Cruisers couldn’t fix was the heat.. ..The day was gorgeous but it was hot, there was a gentle breeze but it was still hot! Did I mention it was hot?

They had over 150 cars registered with most of them from the 70’s and back but there were some new ones like the new blue Mustang GT500 that the owner picked up in NC and drove it to the show, he also won the longest distance award! The candy red ’52 Ford PU deservedly won best of show and John’s ’39 Ford Vicky with the shotgun motor has a way of stopping the heartbeat! But my pick of the day was the cream colored ’50 Chevy 2dr of Mr. Newman. The car was done so you could tell something different was there but it didn’t shout at you.. felt like an old friend, I love it. Henry brought his new Harley and joined in the fun too. The Prince William Cruisers came with a group of cars as did the Custom Cruisers of NOVA. I’m sure many other clubs were represented but except for the host club those two had the most members present. We got to see Arnolds new purple ’57 Chevy rag top.. ..It’s as nice as anything Arnold drives but I like his ’64 the best! I had a conversation with Steve and Jimmy about the valve cover races at A1 Speed shop. They didn’t know about that so I showed them the racers we had, the two GM racers. I told them it was too bad that there weren’t any blue oval racers that challenged the Princesses Chevy racer.. ..too bad. I got some funny looks from Steve and Jimmy was talking out loud how to beat a Chevy.. ..we’ll see? Hehehehe The awards were given out and the Princess got a top trophy.. ..There will be happiness in Stafford this week! Except for the heat it was a near perfect day spent with friends and cars.. ..It’s like living a dream.

We packed up and headed for A1 Speed Shop and the cruise that evening. As usual when we go to A1, we ate at Steamers across the street. Dan joined us for dinner as he attended another show in Dumfries, VA. The show was mostly a PT Cruiser show with an “open” show in addition (two deals)!? Dan wanted to attend to see what was going on and to support their charity, Fischer House. He told us the show was small, less than 20 cars, but fun. I hope the organizers plan a little differently for their next event as I think there are many that would support their efforts if they made a few changes. When we got back to A1 the valve cover race track was up so I made a few adjustment runs with my new racer. I wanted to test an idea not necessarily be competitive.. ..yeah right. My racer was slow so more work is needed this month. The Princesses racer, that won last month, couldn’t keep up with the Rebel Flyer this month. Dave had converted the Flyer from a 4 wheel racer to a 3 wheel racer! She switched lanes, whined, stomped her feet and frowned but nothing helped.. ..she lost. So I found out how fleeting the effects of her trophy win earlier in the day was going to be. I got the mean bus driver eye squint look and the scud buster laser pointy finger pointed at me with the instructions that the Princess doesn’t like to lose.. ..She didn’t have to tell me that! So I have to invent some cosmic gravity powered diamond smooth wheel bearings for her racer.. ..grin Andrew won the people’s choice award at A1 and we packed up and called it a day. We were ready to go on the cruise Sunday.. ..but surprise.. rained!

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