Sunday, October 4, 2009

Down the straight away

The Princess and I have been staying home for the last couple of weeks....we had some things to deal with and I think we are OK now. We have decided to lighten up on the organized car show scene and move into cruising more. So we have two more shows and one display and a couple cruises for this season and we will finish them out. Next year will be different, you will not see us at so many local shows....We are on a few more email lists like Jerry's at DoubleJSound that will give us more choices of things to do on the weekends....choices.

With the Princesses help I got the RedRat on the road today! Whoppie.... Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I took a trip to Colonial Beach and the Happy Clam to check out our repairs to the RedRat....just a little minor adjusting and I'll be better than new! It still has that homing quirk that whenever we get close to Carls Ice Cream the car just goes there! I love that car!

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