Monday, October 12, 2009

Playing with cars & airplanes in the rain.

Saturday….and it’s raining….so what else is new? We have had 12 events cancelled this year because of rain! But this Saturday we were committed rain or shine to the car display at Culpeper Regional Airport as part of their 10th annual AirFest. The AirFest is a display of vintage aircraft and an airshow with the vintage aircraft flying. The show features the only civilian Harrier in the world….that is an amazing piece of technology. The first time I saw one was in the ‘60’s at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It was the prototype aircraft and it was then called the Kestrel P1127. That day at Edwards was so hot that the Kestrel could not get air born vertically from a standing position. The AirFest also had T-6’s, T-28’s, a T-34, a Naviaon and many other flying examples of our aviation heritage. Dan and I had been working on the display since last October and we arrived around 6AM at the airport to lay out the parking. Fortunately the Army was at the other end of our display lot setting up their recruiting display and the headlights from their vehicles helped us set up in the dark. Ray & Terry from Wounded Warrior Project set up their race car display and the rest of the cars started coming in. Stuart brought his red & white GT-40 that was much admired. Wyatt brought his DeLorean that is always a hit with the spectators. Andrew brought his blue Camaro and Tony brought his Super Bee, both represent the muscle car era. Garland brought a Bentley that has a history. Dan brought his black '55 Chevy and I brought the RedRat so we had some real hot rod representatives. Hehehehe The Princess was off to a craft show with our two daughters and the grandkids....It was a nice quiet day at the airshow....I didn't say that! We had invited about 20 cars but because of the forcasted rain we ended up with 8! It did rain from 9Am to 1PM off and on, the sun would come out so we dried off the cars and then it would rain again….repeat 5 more times! In spite of that we had a great time sharing our cars with thousands of spectators that were attending the AirFest. If we are allowed to participate again next year we will have a deeper representation of the car culture to display. I didn’t shoot many pictures because we were handing out flyers about our display and talking to the many spectators that were asking questions about the cars. I did shoot a video, enjoy!

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