Monday, June 13, 2011

Waugh Country Hospitality

Saturday we left Stafford at 6:30 and cruised to the Cracker Barrel in Fredericksburg, VA for breakfast and to hook up with some more hot rodders. We all sampled too much good southern comfort food, that thanks to the USDA I now know how bad it is for us. I just can’t believe how we mere mortals were so confused by the food triangle for so many years and now we have been led to the light with the one eared Mickey Mouse plate, it only cost 2M….can I get an OH YEAH? Anyway….we left the restaurant and cruised 38 miles to Orange, VA and the 19th annual car show put on by Orange County Cruisers. This year the event is hosted by Waugh HD in their Legend Park. When we rode our last Harley we belonged to the Waugh HOG and attended the inaugural opening of the park years ago. The park has narrow paved roads winding through shaded grassed areas; it is a perfect venue for a car or bike show. It has permanent restroom facilities and food was being served all day. Cewinn Graphics and a few other vendors were in attendance as was DJ Ron. Old music and cars seem to go together…. like cherry & coke, American & Graffiti or Chevy & Fast! They just fit!

As I have said before….DJ Ron always adds to an event with his music and announcements. This day he had a special recognition of the Veterans that were present at the event, right before we respected our flag and listened to the National Anthem being sung. It reminded everyone to remember the sacrifices of the past and those that are still going on today so we can enjoy our Freedom. Without these special people we would not have the freedom to enjoy our hobby among many other things. How many hot rods have you seen in Bagdad?

The event went off very methodically and efficiently thanks to the Orange County Cruisers…they have done this 19 times before! grin We parked and set up to enjoy the day with friends then we noticed it was getting hot. Really hot….I mean at least 316 degrees Kelvin. I think the sun’s solar flare last week had something to do with it. We kept hydrating but we were still very uncomfortable. There were many nice cars but I liked the purple ’32 Ford 3wc with the rumble seat and the red ’32 Vicky with the little trailer….these iconic representations of the hot rod culture always catch my eye!

The show was scheduled to end around 3PM but the clouds started to look ominous in the western sky so the event was shortened a little. We packed up and Steve led us back by a new route….I always like to cruise a new way to or from a familiar location. We missed the rain but we must have been threading a needle because it rained after we left Orange and before we reached Stafford. And it would rain in Stafford about an hour after we got home….whew….! Be sure to check out the pictures at;

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