Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watermen Hospitality

Saturday a small group of hot rodders left the WAWA in Stafford, VA and cruised to Tappahannock, VA for the 8th annual RivahFest. This is another event that we have wanted to attend for a couple years now but something always seemed to come up as more important so we never attended.

Tappahannock is one of the very old communities in Virginia having been established in 1608. The RivahFest event pretty much takes over the town for a day. They have over 300 vendors with everything from candied pecans, carved wooden frogs and most anything else you could imagine. They had games for all ages, two bands playing all the time and over 107 special cars in attendance. And the food….I know most of it wasn’t on the new USDA food plate but in spite of that, or maybe because of that….it was very good. The Princess says the crab cakes are to die for. She says it’s the same vendor that she buys from in October at Thurmont, MD during the ColorFest (another dollar draining event). She took way too much money when Debie & Ramona went shopping shopping with her? I reminded her that we were both in her coupe and we could not carry anything too big (=$) She said not to worry that our friends that came with us were driving a big 4dr sedan and another had a panel truck and Fred & Debie’s ’57 Dodge had a 6 body trunk….so size won’t be a consideration….silly me….

We had planned to join up with Larry from Richmond right before we got to the event so we could drive in with his group. He brought up 50 or so cars so we folded in and parked with them. We got on the shady side of the St. Margaret’s School hockey field, so we were under trees till noon and on grass….what’s not to like, thanks Larry! Larry had attended the event before and knew where to be with our cars and what was going on everywhere and how to walk to it….it always helps to “know” someone! grin

The event is a display….no contest….no stress. We just set up and talked to the thousands of people that wandered through the event. The event visitors were respectful of the cars except for one herd of marauding middle school aged kids….but the Princess got up and gave them one of her “Don’t even think about it” school bus driver looks and they walked way around our cars! I couldn’t even look at her for a while….very scary.

There were 107 cars and I think only one came in on a trailer, drivers, road cars, what the hobby is all about. I liked the 1953 Willys Overland the best; it had SB Ford power and Mustang running gear, a nice driver. Chuck & Cindy brought their Chevelles out to play and many other very nice vehicles came up from the south. The Colonial Beach Cruisers were very well represented considering their beloved president, John Conaty, had passed away a week ago. But the day was getting way too hot so some started leaving around 1:30 and we packed up shortly after and cruised home. We took a little detour to Kinsale, VA so Debie could catch up with a friend she found on Facebook! She hadn’t seen her for 42 years and was this close….I love the internet! We drove through a rain shower going home but just like when we rode the Harley, you just keep going and in a few miles everything is dry again! We had another great day sharing our passion for our hobby with others.

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