Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally a dry weekend.....whew!

  Finally a dry weekend….whew!

Friday evening we attend the BK in N.Stafford, this cruise needs to have more wives/girlfriend attendees to be successful….it’s starting to look like a boys club….something that I don’t want to help perpetuate. The traffic is so hateful trying to go north or south so we will keep supporting this cruise for now. I think there were about 10 cars that stayed and another 4-5 that cruised through. This is a nice location with easy ingress and egress. It has a number of food choices close too….it just needs to ‘catch on’.

Saturday we attended the Home Depot cruise (used to be the Bruster’s cruise) and found it to be a little off in attendance….I know there was some intense competition for them and as the summer unfolds the regulars will start coming back. They have a rotating DJ system and Saturday was Ron & Gary’s turn at the mike.

The 42 cars that participated ranged from Daryl’s purple Challenger to Ron’s ’28 Dodge. George & Yvonne brought their ’29 Willys Knight and two T-Buckets cruised in to liven up the atmosphere. I personally liked the copper & cream ’65 Ford F-100….nice. One of the downsides of attending a cruise where you are friends with a lot of the people and we all sit together is that the ladies conspire against us guys….they whine and chirp like baby birds in a nest. Us guys were settling in for a nice evening of conversation when the shrill noise overpowered us….I’M HUNGRY….FEED ME….ME ME ME. And the Princess was right in the center of the chorus. So a bunch of us walked to the Hibachi Buffet for dinner. I know there would be trouble complying with the government guideline for food consumption whenever I go to a restaurant with the word “buffet” in the name….it never works out well for me. I am from the generation that was told to clean my plate because there are people starving in China….so….when I order from a menu I do alright, but at a buffet….I have to do my part cleaning up all that food because the people in China are starving….still? So true to form I ate too much and had to waddle back to the truck while feeling like a tick that had been hanging on a dog for a week….burp! It was a beautiful evening and we talked till about 9:30 then decided to cruise on home….tomorrow would be a busy day.

Dan & Ramona met us at Bob Evans for breakfast around 6:30 then cruised to Fredericksburg, VA and the 22nd Annual Mothers Day Rod Run at Walker Grant MS put on by Fredericksburg Street Rods. This event is one of the “must attend” events of the year and with 155 registered cars it seems like a few others had it on their calendar too! The event is run with Military precision and things always seem to work out just right. It also seems that rain is usually in the discussion for this event and Sunday was no exception but the show ended and most got home before the rain began….whew. They have adult games, 50/50, neat goody bag with dash plaques, many trophies, vendors….especially the food vendor, ‘Tar Heel Pig Pickers BBQ’….their food was a cut above normal ‘car show’ fare. Although there were a couple trailered cars the other 148 were driven to the show and most are driven around our area to other events. That is why our group, Cruisin For Heroes, sponsors the longest distance, driven not trailered award at this and other events….we believe cars should be driven. There were many very nice examples of our varied car culture represented at the event but my favorite was the candy plum ’55 Merc custom….with swing up Continental kit! What a throwback….white interior, lake pipes, ports, Caddy taillights….the whole deal! There were cars from the Richmond, VA and New Market, VA area that came to play and we thank them for coming and making the event more complete. This event also has the winners drive up and receive their awards. This is a neat touch and allows everyone to see and hear the winning vehicles….making the winners feel a little ‘special’. That is a fault of so many other events, the award ceremony is rushed and relegated to just get it done so we can go….which is too bad.

So Dan packed up while I took a video of the winners and it soon was time to leave….we had an uneventful cruise home….now to get ready for next weekend….and the Rally….

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