Monday, May 28, 2012

Strawberries anyone?

Our small group of fun seekers left Stafford and cruised 56 miles to the 19th Annual Strawberry Festival in Delaplane, VA.  Most of the time I lead our adventures but beginning this year I want to allow others to perform that chore….and it is a chore….so many things need to be constantly considered.  Keeping the group together through traffic lights, stop signs and wrong turns.  Being mindful of the speed of the group so we are not visited by the keepers of the peace.  Understanding the needs of the participants and their vehicles for the rest and/or fuel stops….part of making the trip enjoyable for all.  Planning a route that is less traveled to a destination we have visited before.  It’s all good but it is a chore….so I like to drive in the group sometime instead of leading.  I asked Fred to lead us to the Festival as he knows many lesser known ways around our countryside so we all followed the red/white ’57 Dodge around all day….cool!

This is one of those events that is just fun….something for everyone.  And no competition….just share your passion for our hobby with those that inquire as they move through the festival.  We arrived and met Franklin, Bull Run AACA, who sets up the vehicle display and he directed us to the parking.  From past experiences at this event I don’t think there is anywhere “bad” to park….it’s all on grass, on a knoll in the foothills of Virginia….what’s not to like?  We set up four canopies so all could be in the shade somewhere and a continuous breeze kept the humidity from becoming a problem while we hid from the sun.  There were many varied food vendors from crab cakes, funnel cakes, strawberry shortcakes, Asian cooking, German delights and much more….burp!  Oh yeah did I mention strawberries?  Oh Yeah!  Craft vendors from across the region sold their wares.  All types of entertainment from bluegrass, classic rock, folk, choral and bagpipes.  Hayrides in the fields of Sky Meadows and hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail.  A 4H petting zoo and pony rides along with a 5K fun-run on Sunday.  Whew….like I said, something for everyone!  Ya have to put this event on your calandar next year.

This was the first outing this year that was really hot and I think the Princess and I didn’t hydrate enough.  We had planned to visit the weekly cruise at the BK in Manassas, VA but when we got there the Princess was just pooped….she didn’t get out of the truck….just sat in the shade, drank some water and whined….’are we leaving yet?’  So I got the rest of our group, who were sitting INSIDE in the A/C, rounded up and Fred led us back to Stafford.  I think we will bring some Gatorade next time. 

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