Monday, August 20, 2012

Rain 2....cruisers 1

Our Friday and Sunday adventures were rained out….but Saturday a few of us left the WAWA in N. Stafford, VA and cruised 33 miles to the monthly cruise in Locust Grove, VA.  This cruise is managed by Orange County Cruisers and DJ Ron cranks out the tunes….so you know it’s going to be a good evening cruise.  DJ Ron has changed his playlist a little and the comments I heard were very positive….good going Ron!
This cruise has had difficulty ‘catching on’ this year.  It’s a monthly cruise so there will be only 6 opportunities to attend….and this year rain or the impending threat of rain has kept cruisers away beginning with the first one of the year;
As I said before this is a great location for about 100 vehicles and Saturday there were about 45 present.  The weather was great, no competing shows near so 50 or so vehicles is what may be the norm for this cruise.  We ate at Mama’s Italian Restaurant and had a ball again….the waitress makes it an event all by itself!  And the food is great too….what’s not to like?  One of the couples that usually travel with us had their ’55 Chevy smacked by a deer a couple weeks ago so they came with us in their daily driver….Ramona said something about wanting to see me get embarrassed by the waitress at Mama’s. I guess that’s something else I can put on my resume’….I provide small group attitudinal adjustments through self-depreciating comical ridicule at the hands of gastronomical specialty providers….that should be PC enough for today’s HR people….Grin
I liked the early white & red Mustang and so did the restaurant owners that picked it to be their choice for best car of the evening.  I really liked our friend’s newly completed bronze GTO….he explained how he hand polished all the chrome and stainless….it looks better than new.  The quality of the finish of his Goat is a testament to Bo & Karen’s work at American Classic Auto Restorations….  They are located in Louisa, VA and you can check them out at;   
About 9PM Ron gave out the awards, to include ‘Best Truck’….which the Princess won?  Tell me again how what works…. I fix it, I drive it, I clean it, I polish it….she gets the trophy?  I guess it’s because SHE is the one that whines, so she gets the award?  OH stupid me….I have just been reminded that SHE vacuums the inside and SHE checks all my cleaning/washing/waxing/detaining work….so it’s like SHE did it anyway….so SHE SHOULD get any recognition involved with the truck….silly me….This is just like being back at work….the minions do the work, the boss gets the credit!  However....I did get an award....of sorts.  Our friend, Debie, presented me with a stuffed hamster dressed in a chicken suit....!....?  And what kind of award was this for?  Makes me wonder.  But Debie likes one of our daily drivers, a Kia Soul. Remember the cool hamster commercials?  Anyway this hamster dances and sings the 'Chicken Dance' song and I was to put it on the dash of my car.  I did.  I shot a video of it.  I can't get that song our of my head....thanks alot Debie.  I hope no one gives me a rock with Grieg's 'Hall of the Mountain King' in it....I think they would take me away if I started humming that tune all the time....chuckle  There will be peace and tranquility in the Shotwell hovel till the next time….but that song has got to go!

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