Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain....a four letter word!

Rain again.  Friday the weather guessers said rain was south near Richmond where we were going so we decided to attend the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club’s weekly cruise at VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA.  The food there does not agree with Linda or me so we decided to try someplace else on the way to the cruise.  Since we go the “back” way to the cruise and we drive right past a couple places to eat…we decided to try Family Diner, next to Carl’s Ice Cream on Princess Anne St.  We have had some friends tell us of this eatery but for some reason we never tried it….our mistake!  The food was great; the service was attentive and pleasant….and the prices were in line with “Diner” food.  But in my opinion the quality of the food was way above “Diner” food!  In fact we returned Saturday to try some different choices on the menu….another home run!  That was one of the reasons we hadn’t attended the local cruise in a while…it was just too difficult figuring out the food part….not anymore!

I think Friday was the first time I ever went anywhere and forgot a camera….I always travel with one.  But the voices didn’t remind me to take one so I can’t even prove that we were there!  The cruise was attended by 35-45 vehicles….some parking and staying, some just cruising through.  Coach was playing his really cool music all night.  I liked the red & white International 4WD Fire/Crash truck that was very nicely done.  Unfortunately I didn’t roam around much because the Princess and the other ladies formed a circle and started talking….and I didn’t want to miss anything! Hehehe  We cruised home about 9PM and the cooler weather is much appreciated….especially without the rain.

Saturday we were going to cruise to Manassas BK but the rain was intermittent and we didn’t want to chance driving in the rain.  So we got a small group together and invaded Family Diner again, in our daily drivers!  Soon after we were seated some other ‘car’ friends came by to eat too!  We found out that the Diner was hosting a cruise every Saturday….?  Right across the street in a vacant, paved, tree lined lot!  Right across the street from Carl’s Ice Cream!  Hmmmm  I think we may start attending this cruise on Saturdays since we cannot attend the Stafford deals anymore.  This will be great to have something this close and so close to good food….did I mention that the nationally renowned Carl’s Ice Cream is right across the street?  Ice Cream is, after all, one of the 7 basic food groups so you will make the Administration and the USDA sooooo happy if you come out and consume your weekly MDA of Ice Cream!

Sunday we were going to attend the event in New Market, VA but the rain was coming down pretty hard most of the day….bummer.  We have another busy weekend planned coming up but Hurricane Isaac may have something to say about that….we’ll see.

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