Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumnal Consequence

Saturday morning at 7AM, Fred and the Princess & I left the WAWA in N. Stafford, VA to cruise 37 miles to Bowling Green, VA and their 23rd annual Harvest Festival.  Along the way we were joined by JV and his T-Bucket….that is a cool ride….on a couple different levels!  When we pulled up next to JV in the gas station, I rolled down my window while he was saying something to me….I told him “just a second, I have to turn down my heater, it’s making too much noise and I can’t hear you”….I don’t think he was happy with that!  He shot me a look that I thought would set me on fire!  Those guys that drive hot rods with no doors are so touchy.  So we had an uneventful cruise to Bowling Green through the awakening countryside.  It’s so neat to see the fog wafting up from the ground on these nippy mornings.  And the falling leaves giving us a kaleidoscope of color while you think….is that a leaf or a branch or maybe a large seed pod falling on us?  The gentle contact of the leaves on the cruising hot rod answers the question.  Autumn is one of the reasons we stayed in VA years ago instead of going back to CA.  It is a truly remarkable time of year while God reminds us of His handiwork.

When we arrived in Bowling Green we were parked on the street like we prefer and then set up for an intense day.  This event has over 10K spectators that walk past the cars during the day and we look forward to interacting with many of them, it is something the Princess and I enjoy doing.  I usually begin taking my pictures around noon after all the cars are settled in.  This year the crush of the spectators was massive to the point that I couldn’t get any clear shots of the cars when I started my photo cruise.  And at the same time I started feeling a little woozy, it might have been the 43 pound jalapeno burrito I had for breakfast that was reminding me who was really in control here….maybe not.  So after trying unsuccessfully to take a clear picture of the magnificent sea foam green ’59 Caddy next to us for 10 min I decided to sit this event out!  That was only about the 3rd or 4th time in 8 years I have attended an event and not photographed it!  I will have to rethink how I photograph this event or perhaps go somewhere else next year.  The restroom facilities at the event are horrible.  There are way too few porta potties and they are not maintained during the day….with 10K + people milling around it is just not enough. 
We left the event around 3:30 and cruised home….I just wanted the day to end, the burrito and squid poppers were residing at opposite ends of my body while they tried to escape….!  Come on Ice Cream….!
Tomorrow would be another intense day making a birthday delivery to PA and seeing the little people.

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