Monday, November 5, 2012

The end of the season is near....

Sunday the Princess and I cruised 16 miles to Fredericksburg, VA and the Car Hop Days Car Show at Family Diner.  This show is managed by Virginia Stockers Car Club and it was held to commemorate the first year anniversary of the Family Diner opening with the current owners, Monk & Debra.  Four of our friends came out for lunch with their daily drivers.  Debie had recently won a free lunch so she was cashing it in….but Fred still had to pay…..and pay….and pay.  Some ladies are so high maintenance, not unlike the Princess….hehehehe.

We frequent this diner anyway because of the superb service and the quality of the food….so a car show or cruise there is a bonus for us.  The venue is a little scattered and small for many more than 60 cars and there were 50 registered on Sunday!  Most of the vehicles were drivers and cars we see locally.  Coach’s graphically intense silver ’98 Camaro and Garland’s killer, lifted mulch hauling Toyota pickup are always a welcome addition to any show.  My favorite was the traditional black ’31 Ford Vicky.  The car has been on the road for only a few months and is a work in progress….like most hot rods.
It really is getting too late in the year to sit in chairs outside all day!  The Princesses lips were turning a little blue and since Halloween was over I knew she had to be getting cold….so we were glad the show ended around 4PM.  We cruised home with the din of the heater motor overpowering the exhaust sounds….I really have to fix that this winter!  I have to make the truck growl….it now sounds like a stock ’52 Buick….not a hot rod!
Our next adventure happens on November 24, 2012...the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We make our 4th annual 'Over The River And Through The Woods Run'.  This should be another fun run.  Then the Toys For Tots run on December 15th will end the "normal" season for us.


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very classic and vintage..old cars still exist because it still look good and many still love's it