Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A very special time....

Monday we cruised to Massaponax, VA and the Golden Corral restaurant.  They were having a Veterans Day special where they honored Veterans with a free meal!  Sue and Coach with Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club organized a small group of special cars to come out and be on display for the Veterans to enjoy. 
At one point there were about 250 people waiting in line to go into the restaurant….unbelievable!  I think is so great for businesses to honor the ones that serve & protect us….most of them do their Duty then they fade into society and no one knows their contribution to who we are as a Country. 
Most of us stood by our vehicles to answer questions the Veterans had but the Princess went inside to personally thank all the Veterans she could.  She told me of one 83 year old lady Veteran that she talked to and was amazed how “spry” she was!  She does this every day we go somewhere….if someone is wearing a hat or jacket that indicates they are a Veteran or they have that “special” look of an active duty person, she will thank them for their service or welcome them home or some kind of recognition.  It’s really cool to watch her work!  I think it’s one of the reasons why God has allowed us to live this long….to thank others for helping to keep us safe.
We stayed about 3 hours then cruised back to N. Stafford….a neat deal….if you ever get an opportunity to thank our Veterans you need to count it as a very positive thing.


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