Monday, May 6, 2013

Inconvienient Cooling….or Our Friend Al lied….

As you may know my Doctor and I have been beating my case of shingles on the left side of my head, into submission….I think it’s mostly behind me now….I only have a slight head tick, my left ear is hanging down to my shoulder and my tongue is blue.  The Doctor says that by the time Haley’s comet goes by again all that stuff should be gone….  Just kidding, I’m good to go thanks to modern pharmaceuticals and benevolent nursing.   The only other thing I would say about that is….get the shot!

Friday evening we ventured out to visit VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA but the air temps were in the 60’s and dropping.  As soon as the sun started setting, just a little, the temps took a dive.  Since that is my target time to take pictures, right at dusk, I didn’t get to take any before we packed up and left.
Saturday was about the same….we cruised to Family Diner in Fredericksburg, VA for dinner and the cruise managed by Virginia Stockers.  We were a group of three vehicles and two more came in.  But by the time we finished dinner and set up to enjoy the evening the sun started to set and the temps with it!  We left around 7:30 and cruised home….no pictures of that either!
Sunday Fred & Debie and the Princess & I gathered at the WAWA in N. Stafford, VA to launch towards Manassas, VA and the 32nd Annual Bull Run Street Rods, Rod Run.  The Burger King restaurant hosts the event with the Bull Run Street Rodders managing it in their usual style….class!  This is like many old established events….the clubs know what to do, when to do it and what it’s supposed to look like when it’s finished….they did not disappoint. 
When we arrived at the event we met Lou & Arlene and we all drove into the show lot so we could park together.  The only complication for me was that since I was recovering from my illness I needed to stay in the shade as much as I could….so we needed to erect a canopy.  The Prince William County Fire Department made it real clear that there WOULD be a 20’ fire lane between all rows of cars.  And they actually visited the event during the day to ensure their threats were taken seriously and would be followed up on if the lanes were encroached….so….we actually took up 1 ½ vehicle spaces.  We were the only ones that used a canopy and I know a few of the club members were a little….miffed about it.  I don’t know if they didn’t want to confront me because they knew I was getting over an illness and needed the shade or they were intimidated by a 70 year old fat guy, waving his arms around and wearing purple tennis shoes….you decide?  But their obvious angst subsided when a Harley showed up, it just fit behind us in the shortened space….cool!  Problem solved!  At 8:30 it was still cold and when we sat….under the canopy….in the shade….it was colder.  Everyone put on their hoodies or jackets and even then most of us were shivering till about noon.  So this is how global warming is going to work out?
This show attracts mostly pre 1975 vehicles and this year proved the point again.  It is advertised for ALL vehicles but the newer vehicles seem to stay away.  I think there were just a couple vehicles newer than 1975 like the very nice black Challenger.  I personally like to see all cars so I’m good either way.  This show also brings out cars that are seldom seen as well as a good representation of the different car clubs in the area.  I think there were 120 cars in the show lot plus about 20 more in the restaurant parking lot and 6 car clubs represented.
There were many notable cars like Ron’s red ’60 Chevy and Richard’s blue/white ’60 Chevy.  The yellow ’55 Chevy was neat as a pin and Sam’s gold ’49 Merc lead sled just reeks of Kool.  I seldom agree with what is chosen as ‘best of show’ but this time the red ’71 Torino with the Shotgun motor was just perfect and very deserving of the award in my opinion.  There were many other vehicles at that level of perfection but the “WOW” factor just was there with that car.  And with that motor I think the “Force” was with it too!
We folded up camp and cruised home….another day in our life, riding around giving people something to wave at while we enjoy this hobby!


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