Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day in Fredericksburg, VA

Our Friday and Saturday adventures were rained out and it looked like Sunday might be the same.  But the cold front moved through about 4 AM so by 7 AM everything was drying out just fine except for some puddles on the roads that gave us a chance to check out the steering in the truck!  It was like playing a video game screeching from lane to lane avoiding the puddles….glad no one with blue lights was following.

We met Jim & Linda, Fred & Debie and Dan & Ramona at Bob Evans in N. Stafford, VA for breakfast then cruised to Fredericksburg, VA to attend the Fredericksburg Street Rods, 23rd Annual Rod Run at Walker Grant MS.  We like to attend this show for many reasons….one of which is where the proceeds go from this show.  The Special Needs program at Walker Grant MS is the beneficiary of the day’s proceeds.
Another reason we attend this show is the volume and quality of the cars in attendance.  This year there were 134 cars including the club’s cars.  The club cars are not in the competition but they do add to the eye candy available….which is a good thing.  This year’s attendees included some hot rodders from Maryland with some very nice examples of the craft.  In fact the red ’59 Chevy won best of show and the black ’37 Chevy was picked for an award too.  The variety of entrants varied from trailered ‘show’ cars, traditional flat black hot rods, smooth customs, original muscle cars, tuners, daily driven hot rods and one off pieces of art that happen to have four wheels!  Everything!  And the managing club, Fredericksburg Street Rods, ensures that the event unfolds in a logical way with the certainty of an atomic clock!  They provided all the Moms with a nice flower corsage when they registered….they have a tune hyster, Music to Go by Lyn Grayson, that keeps everything rolling….they have adult games like the creeper crawl that adds to the enjoyment of the day too.  Food was provided by “Tar Heel Pig Pickers BBQ” which was way above the norm for ‘car show’ food….and the ice cream truck was doing its best to keep Dan from whining.   Debie, Ron and the Princess were sitting in the shade developing their repertoire of personal sign language?  You have to ask them…. 
The award ceremony is unique for local shows….the winners are called and they have to drive their car to the front where they are recognized by the club individually and awarded their trophy(s) in front of all the participants.  The operative word is….drive the car!  About half way through the ceremony, Ed’s very nice black ’55 Chebby drove into the award area.  It was driven by a friend of Ed’s since he is recuperating from multiple injuries and couldn’t drive his own car.  Do you really get that messed up working on those Chevys?  The driver shut off the car, got out and received the trophy, got back in and tried to light the fire but proceeded to flood the motor.  Yes the car had been sitting all day, it was cold, the pollen count was off the charts high, the wind was blowing, it was the third quarter of the moon and we were experiencing neap tide, the driver didn’t know the idiosyncrasies of the start procedure….blah blah blah….it still wouldn’t start!  So it was ignominiously pushed out of the winners circle, banished to the netherworld….bummer.  And the hoots about Chevys were merciless….the Princess started to get prickly about everyone picking on Chevys.  Then later in the ceremony another Chevy had some difficulty starting and the Princess went wild….  She said that we should have kept our Fords….or maybe even buy a….Mopar!  I tried to reason with her like we don’t win anything anyway so it will never be a problem, didn’t work!  Arrggg….you have no idea….  The club truly provides the opportunity to have a great day at a car show and they did it again this year.

Be sure to check out the photos....light up the site, click 'slideshow' and enjoy;  http://www.flickr.com/photos/53063560@N05/sets/72157633482446938/

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