Thursday, August 8, 2013

Heading South

Friday the Princess and I visited VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA for the weekly cruise managed by the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club.  There were about 60 cars that visited during the evening.  The most interesting one was the gold 71 GTX with the Hemi cross ram.  Hemi’s are always cool and gnarly….this one was no exception….and a little noisy too….did I say that?  grin The host of the event, Virginia BBQ, had the manager’s son pick his favorite vehicle….he picked the Princesses truck….so she now has another pig trophy….  Hey Dan she now has 5 pig trophies….you better get that old 55 out so you can catch up….hehehehe   We stayed till the end and had an uneventful cruise home in the cool, dry air.

Saturday we cruised 107 miles to Chester, VA and the special Iron Bridge Sports Park cruise.  This cruise is usually held on Friday evenings but the manager, Larry Boyd, put a Saturday cruise together so we joined in.  The Sports Park always attracts some nice cars so we knew it would be fun.  The facility has great restrooms and really good food….in fact the Ruben I had was the best I ever ate….and I have put away a few of them in my 69 years on this orb.  Larry and his crew were, as always, very helpful and accommodating to the cruisers.  The welcome we got was more like an old friendship being rekindled that a guy telling us where to park.  Larry has always been a good representative of our hobby.
We set up near one of the parking lot edges so we could be on the grass….they have white sand, like Florida instead of dirt….different.  After we ate and went back to our chairs an old friend and her husband from the area came by and talked a spell.  I met this friend online through an old school group.  Yes, I actually attended a school.  The school was in Newfoundland, Canada and the time frame was 1956-58!  Our parents were both stationed at Pepperrell AFB in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  I never actually met her at that time as we were transitioning out of the base and her family was coming in….but we had some mutual friends.  Anyway we connected in 1997 I think via email with the whole school group.  We met face to face at the craft show at RIR in December called the Bizarre Bazaar.  We have been emailing and Face booking each other for a while and Jeannie & the Princess regularly communicate via email.  So it was fun to catch up with Jeannie & Carl while we were attending the event.
I think about 120 vehicles visited the cruise which normally has 200+.  I guess the forcasted rain kept some away….not us….we have wipers now!  Tom and some of his rowdy friends brought some Pro Street cars which always livens up the group.  And the Munster car at the entrance is a nice touch.  There was a nice mix of old and newer cars….I think Larry keeps the vehicles at 1976 or under.  I have mixed feelings about that but it works for Larry and this cruise.  I think my favorite of the afternoon was the silver, flamed ’52 Chevy 2dr…..I really like that car.
We left about 7PM to try to get as close to home as we could before dark….we ran I95 all the way back….what a hoot….that truck is a nice road car and likes to cruise at 60-70 mph.  The end of another great day driving around giving people something to wave at!  Is this a great hobby or what?

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