Monday, August 26, 2013

The road ahead....

Rain prevented us from going out Friday night so by Saturday we were so ready to hit the road.  Saturday at 1PM we escaped the WAWA in N. Stafford, VA and began our 68 miles cruise to Gordonsville, VA and the Barbeque Exchange restaurant.  Our good friend, Bill, had recommended the eatery so we planned a cruise to check it out.  Unfortunately, through a fault of mine, we missed Bill at the pickup point because I had a bad phone number for him so I couldn’t find out what was going on.  Another life lesson for me….make sure I have the correct phone numbers for the key people on these cruises!    We did manage to pick up Lou & Arlene after Culpeper and took Rt. 15 to our destination.

There is a saying from the great American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, which goes; “Life is about the journey, not the destination”.  That kind of thinking sticks in the craw of a person like me.  I am destination orientated; mission minded….focused on the cheese so to speak kind of person.  So when I try to take the time to notice the splendor that God has provided for us while I’m focused on “getting there” I have a behavioral conflict that is difficult to manage.  So….the Princess has agreed to take pictures while we cruise on our journeys.  She has always been able to notice the important things in life that are around us.  It’s a gift that is becoming more important to us as we round the final turn of this life.  So be sure to check out her “journey” pictures.
After we negotiated the traffic circle in Gordonsville we cruised a little further on Rt. 33 to the restaurant.  The Princess asked me “how many times could you go around the circle before the police would stop you?”….you have no idea.  The parking is not ideal for our kind of cars; it is a gravel lot that has a lot of boundaries, not well defined.  But since we arrived about 3PM we had a lot of choices of where we were going to tie up the cars and were able to find adequate parking.  The restaurant is very country casual….no shinny shoes or ties please!  The seating was at picnic tables and benches….cool.  The menu is terrific….a lot of Country Southern cooking treats to chose from.  We all tried different offerings and were pleasantly satisfied with our choices!  I had a brisket platter with hush puppies….the Princess said my hush puppies were great….I didn’t have a chance to try one before she made them disappear.   The prices are fair and the quality of the things we tried was very good, the place was neat and clean.  We’ll go back….thanks Bill!
After filling up in the restaurant we began our short cruise, through the traffic circle….again, to Ruckersville, VA and the monthly cruise at the Wal-Mart on Rt. 29.  The Princess and I attended a show in Ruckersville years ago when we had the 34 Nash sedan and her 33 coupe.  It was a nice friendly show and we had a good time even though it rained at the end and we drove all the way home with the wipers on.  Saturday was promised to be absolutely perfect weather….high 70’s; sunny, puffy clouds doting an azure sky with gentle breezes.  Sounds like a TV ad for a vacation in Bermuda.  But we were in Ruckersville, VA!
You can tell a little about where you are by the type of vehicle that shows up at a cruise.  A lot of pickups usually means you have landed in the ‘country’….y’all.  This gathering had a high number of nice pickups….but it also had many other vehicles.  I think there were five ’55 Chevys…a few nice Mopars and a higher percentage of Pro Street cars than usual.  I really liked the ’49 Merc 4 dr with the blown flathead….I have never seen one of these blown flatties on the street!  And two brown cars….the ’71 Torino and the ’64 Plymouth Fury.  The Fury also had a 426 Stage III motor which was too cool.  Although the new Hemi made its debut in ’64 it would take a few years to make it competitive unless you had factory backing.  Meanwhile the Mopar wedges were still dominating the winner’s circles on the drag strips.  This car was a good example of what it took in ’64 to be competitive with GM and Ford.  The blue ’66 Ford F-100 with the 406 motor.  The 406 FE was only available for two years before being replaced by the 427 FE….so it is an unusual piece too.

There were over 70 vehicles that visited the cruise and having a Wal-Mart next to the cruise lot offered some shopping opportunities….oh boy, sign me up for that….said no guy ever!  We lost the ladies in there for an hour or so but Arlene brought back some yummy ice cream bars, expensive but really good….grin 

We all decided to pack up and begin our 65 mile cruise home before it got dark.  Good weather, good friends….what’s not to like?  I love this hobby….


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