Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get Ready....Get Set.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Hi All,

This was a very strange weekend....some of it I actually remember.  So Friday the Princess and I launched on our weekend extravaganza to Williamsburg and surrounding environs.   

A little back May we were going to attend the TSRA cruise/gathering in Williamsburg.  It’s always a hoot and we reserved a room for two nights at the Country Inn and Suites in Williamsburg....real close to the event.  The Monday before the event I contracted shingles and we couldn’t go.  Since I booked the room via one of those online booking agencies, I could not get a refund.  I called the motel and talked to the manager....she said she understood my plight as her Mother had recently had the shingles and she knew how horrible they were.  She said she couldn’t refund my money but I could book another two nights in the future for no cost!  After recuperating from the shingles we decided to book for the weekend of 9-27- 29. 

So as I said we launched at 1PM and cruised the 115 miles to the motel in Williamsburg.  We were going to attend a Friday night cruise about 3 miles from the motel.  We were about two miles from the motel, on Rt. 60, and I leaned over to check the traffic light (my chopped top does not allow me to see traffic lights, the “light lady”, AKA The Princess, usually does that for me but occasionally I like to lean over to the right side and check for myself.) and when I returned to vertical I felt a little dizzy. 

Another back story....I am cursed with vertigo.  I get it about once every 2-4 years.  I have been taken to the hospital twice for it, no fun.  I have drugs that lessen the effects which are severe dizziness and nausea.  The drugs were home....  It usually takes 2-3 days for the effects to right themselves and during those days I’m incapacitated, in bed, horizontal, like in a coma.  The drugs let me come in and out of the coma....but I usually don’t remember much of those days. 

We continued on to the motel, we unloaded and set up the room.  Filled the refrigerator with our water and started to kill a couple hours before the cruise began.  I was getting dizzier as time went on....I told the Princess I would lay down for a few min and see if that helped.  It didn’t!  It was about this time that the Princess started to freak out....she said “we HAVE to get you HOME.....NOW.  She no doubt didn’t want to spend the next few hours taking me to the nearest hospital to get a shot for the vertigo (my drugs were at home....will add them to the pre-trip check list in the future) and then watch me sleep for three days in the motel.  So....she repacked all our stuff, checked out (the manager was so very accommodating....said no problem....just take the two nights another time!  I really like this motel; did I say it was Country Inn and Suites?) And we started our trip home.

The last back story....The Princess has not driven our truck, except for moving it once at VA BBQ last year.  I think she likes the idea of me driving, like in the old days.  The truck is ok but a little twitchy still so the first few miles was like a “Mr. Toads Wild Ride” at Disneyland.  And I’m dizzy and getting more nauseous as we go.  I feel confident in her abilities....she herded a school bus around for 27 years so this should be a piece of cake.....not so much.... 

The trip home was via Rt. 60> Rt. 30> Rt. 301> Rt. 2 and home.  All crowned two lane country roads....and it was getting dusk....  Right before we left, our neighbor (we watch each other’s homes when we go somewhere) told Linda that her husband just hit a deer yesterday....and we were on the same road that Dan hit the deer with his ‘55.  And on it goes.  But the Princess persevered like she always does and after about 3 hours we were home!  I took my medication and within 30 min I fell asleep. 

I remember parts of the last couple days....not many details....  I hope I didn’t say anything bad to anyone on Facebook or in email....?  And now I’m cured....till the next time! 

So....this coming weekend we will stay close to home.  We will visit VA BBQ Friday night and the BK in Manassas on Saturday.  We will leave the Eustace Rd. WAWA at 3PM Saturday.  Since AirFest is rapidly closing in on me I’ll be focused on that for the next two weeks.

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