Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Going South

The Princess and I found out that a couple we knew in church for a long time here in Stafford but had moved south a few years ago was active in the “car” scene again.  So I contacted Dave to see what was going on around him with the cars so we could journey down and visit with them.  He mentioned an event in Harrisonburg at the Nazarene Church and then one of my Facebook “friends” posted something about it too, so we decided to give it a try.   

Friday at 1PM Ron & Jean and the Princess and I began our 105 mile cruise to Harrisonburg, VA and the Crosswalk Adventures Fall Cruise.   
Since it started at 5PM and ended late we decided to get a motel and stay overnight…..a good idea!  Even with one pit stop we arrived at 3:30.  Cruising for two and a half hours in the Virginia countryside on lesser traveled roads is a treat in itself but to end the day visiting with old friends at a car cruise is even better.  And that the cruise was the largest gathering of special cars we had been with since the NSRA Richmond events made it even more special.  Then we all finished the day trying out the Wood Grill Restaurant!  What a day! 

As soon as the Princess picked out her “special” spot to park we set up camp and soon began catching up….and the cars kept coming in!  I’m told about 475 cars visited the event, which I can believe!  When we arrived there were about 60 cars parked….by 5:30 almost 350 cars were parked!  They came in so quick and from two different entrances I couldn’t keep up with them individually so I shot a lot of overall pictures to convey a feeling for the amount of cruisers.  And….there was a couple hundred spectator cars too!  This is a really big event!

The event attracts ALL types of vehicles….stock antiques, muscle cars, street rods, race cars, traditional hot rods, rat rods, customs, new & old….if you can drive it in….it’s welcome here!  The music was fun to listen to and the restrooms were inside the Church and very nice.  The church was selling food and I’m told it was very tasty!  I love to eat at Churches, the ladies always try to outdo each other and the results are some fabulous food!  Don’t miss this part….

There were many very nice vehicles….too numerous to mention individually.  And since we were “catching up” with our friends I didn’t document each vehicle as I usually do….next time I will have a plan!  Please check out the pictures I did take at the event.  Some of you know the Princess has agreed to chronicle our traveling when she isn’t doing Princess stuff….so be sure to check out her ‘on the road pictures’.  We are going to put this event on our “must attend” list for next year….you should too.






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