Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter is finally over.....whew....

After a false start last Friday because of monsoon rains, we were finally able to attend the Inaugural Dairy Queen cruise in Fredericksburg, VA this Friday.  The weather was perfect, about 65 degrees, sunny, light breeze….it would be difficult to imagine better weather.  The months of preparation were finally tested and by anyone’s measure it was a resounding success. 

The managing group is made up of people that have done this kind of thing before but separately, so they decided to join forces to provide us with another location to cruise with our hot rods on Friday evening.  Jeannette’s Mustang club, Sue W. and the D.J. all pulled together to get-er-dun!  The host business, Dairy Queen, provided discount coupons for the cruisers.  They really didn’t need to entice us to eat there because the food and service is always great at that establishment.  You should check it out even if it’s not Friday evening. 

We arrived about 4:45PM while Sue & Jeannette were still setting up but even that early about 10 cars were already parked.  The first outing of the year is as much about the people as it is about the cars.  We have communicated with most of the people by phone, email or Facebook all winter long….and it has been a very long winter in Virginia!  So now we get to see how the people AND the cars have endured the winter hibernation.  We reestablished some friendships and made a few new ones….always a good thing.  The event is what I call a “Full Service Cruise”….that is they have door prizes, trophies, shirts, hats and other stuff.  And the DJ involves the crowd with trivia tasks and other motivators to keep the crowd attentive.  We just like to mingle with the crowd, talk with our friends and check out the vehicles that cruise in.  I like to document the event with my camera….it’s what I like to do. 

There were over 70 vehicles by the time we left and the lot could hold another 30 or so.  The cruise is very accessible from any point of the compass and it’s viewable from Rt. 208 by travelers.  It is a cool location…..  If you are out in your hot rod on a Friday evening near the southern end of Fredericksburg, VA….stop in and check it out!

We said our good buys and left around 8PM then had a non eventful cruise home.  The next day, Saturday, we would cruise to BK in Manassas and their weekly cruise.  It is just a cruise, no music, trophies, door prizes….just a few hundred cars every week!  It was very windy and cold, too cool to sit in lawn chairs very long.  We stayed about two hours and everyone wanted to leave because it was just too cold, even Sparky!  So ended our first weekend outing in 2014 with our hot rod….much more to follow this season….  I send out a weekly itinerary for our weekend adventures….if you would like to be on that mailing list just send me an email at; and I’ll include you on “the list”.  I also park all my images at;

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