Monday, April 28, 2014

A new adventure....

Friday night and rain was forecasted everywhere so our hot rod stayed in the garage.  Saturday broke much better with a 16% chance of rain late in the day.  We left the WAWA at 2PM and cruised 27 miles to the Burger King near the Manassas, VA airport.  The Bull Run Street Rods club manages this year round, weekly cruise and it is always well attended.  We try to arrive early to get a better parking spot….it seems that each year we have to get there earlier than the year before. 

The event usually attracts over 100 vehicles each week and each week something “new” rolls in.  This week it was the copper 1953 Dodge panel truck.  This vehicle was an escapee from a primo car builder’s garage.  Actually it was a product of B&B Restorations….a local enterprise.  There just wasn’t anything wrong with it from the late Hemi running gear to the sound system that can be heard in the International Space Station.  Just killer!  There was also a very nice green & white Dodge A-100 with very large shoes tucked under the bed and too much motor….did I say that? grin  I really liked the white ’57 Chevy Convertible that parked across from us, it too was very well taken care of.  Around 7PM many of the cars started to leave?  I guess we need to be more attentive to the weather because some said rain was on the way!  So we gathered up and cruised home and escaped most of the rain.   Not enough to stand on the road surface but enough to spot the pollen all over the truck.  Since we usually clean down the truck when we get home the water on it made the task just a little easier.

Sunday we left N. Stafford and cruised 92 miles to Charlottesville, VA and the 40th Annual Piedmont Region AACA Car Show.  We had never attended an AACA deal and thought this might be a good one to try because they allowed “modifieds”.  Modifieds are anathema to most AACA clubs.  We had heard about the event in Fredericksburg where someone came in with a car that had the incorrect chrome tip on the exhaust pipe and they banished him to the netherworlds of modified cars and did not allow him to attend!  We experienced that when we had a 34 Nash sedan….it was highly “modified” with a 454 BBC, Corvette running gear, leather interior….everything!  But when I would communicate with mother Nash with questions about the car I had to be very careful not to let on that is was “modified”.  If I slipped and mentioned something like “I had to have a stainless fuel tank for the fuel injection system on the big block Chevy or that’s where I put the receiver for the remote power windows”….I would instantly suffer the wrath of their ire that would include very pointed questions that always included why would I “molest” a car like that!  Although I can truly understand their thinking, I feel the same way about vintage aircraft especially warbirds, it was what I had. So I usually just asked for forgiveness due to my shallow thinking and promised not to “molest” another car and moved on with my information mining.  But this event allowed “modifieds”….hooray!

We arrived at 8:30, about ½ hour early and the club was still setting up.  They do things a little differently but get the job done anyway.  They have designated areas for specific vehicle types….you have to park where they want you to….not my favorite method but I understand the methodology to do so.  The parking was tight and we had to crunch together behind our hot rod….another thing I don’t care for. 

The restrooms were an adventure.  As I said before we arrived early and the club wouldn’t park anyone till they had the parking grid set….I understand that.  But they would let us come in and register so we waited in line and got that done.  As we were leaving the registration we passed two guys guarding the entrance to the parking and Linda asked them where the porta potties were.  They made a very weak attempt at humor when they said there were woods all around the lot!?  Then they said Sam’s Club was one of the sponsors and they had restrooms.  I then asked the same two guys where exactly, where were we supposed to park our category 18 truck.  They pointed to the far corner of the lot where a large shade tree was.  Linda asked “over by that big tree?”. They said yes.  We turned and started walking back to our truck so we could drive it to our designated parking spot.  The two guys must have thought we were out of hearing range so one said to the other one “by the porta potty” and they both chuckled at their continuing tasteless “humor”.

After we set up the Princess had to visit a restroom.  She began her trek, which was way too far for old out of shape people with bad knees that were recovering from back injuries, to the Sam’s Club, one of the event sponsors.  When she finally arrived at Sam’s she was told since it was Sunday the store didn’t open till 10AM… was 9:30.  So she sat on one of the large decorative rocks in front of the store, crossed legged till it opened.  This impacted me too in that when she related her story to me I decided to limit my water intake all day so I wouldn’t have to make the same trip.  We launched at 7AM and I didn’t visit a restroom till almost 5PM….!  It has taken all day today to balance my water metabolism.  So….that is a real issue for us crippled up old people….but I guess there are not too many of those kind of people that mess around with old cars….naaaa. 

The quality of the vehicles was more than I anticipated and especially so for the modifieds.  The tan ’34 Ford with the blown flathead motor was much more complicated than I expected.  The grey/black ’37 Packard was over the top….the quality of the build, the choice of the build details was a cut above in every way.  The engine was done period correct color but modern.  The interior and window moldings were just right.  This car was my best of show!  There were many original cars too like the blue/white ’57 Chevy pickup and the white ’55 Chevy Cameo.  I also liked the black ’34 Ford Phaeton.  The silver Lomax was the most unusual car at the event….I have never heard of the mark before Sunday!  I guess now you can find something to do with all those Citroen 2CV parts you have laying around in your barn….build a Lomax….grin

The award ceremony began promptly at 3PM, as advertised.  They give a first and second in each category….they had 23 categories X two trophies each….a lot of awards.  They also have some “traveling” trophies….the winner keeps them for a period of time then returns them.  That was different.  The Princess won a first place trophy in the 1049-2014 modified truck category….amazing.   We met a couple friends at the event, Bob & Benda from Culpeper, Raymond from Harrisonburg and Butch from just never know where you will meet someone you know at a “car” event….so cool. 

Since no one came down to the event with us we decided to forgo dining at the Wood Grille Buffet in Charlottesville and just cruised the 92 miles back home.  We stopped at the first gas station to use the restroom then continued on.  Except for the forced march to the restroom the day was very pleasant….driving the hot rod…talking to car people….I love this hobby.

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