Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday at the BK

Sunday we met Bill & Jo-Ann in N. Stafford, VA and cruised 28 miles to Manassas, VA and the 33rd annual Rod Run.  We have attended this show for many years and always enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Shortly after we arrived, Fred & Debie and Lou & Arlene joined us to set up for the day’s activities to begin.  The day was sunny, warm but not hot.  It was also very windy, almost too windy for a canopy.  But the ladies insisted on shade so we secured part of the canopy frame to the perimeter fence and another part to my 859 pound tool bag I tote everywhere with us.  It worked, the canopy didn’t Mary Poppins out of sight even when the wind gusts exceeded what seemed like cat 3 hurricane wind velocity.  

The rain our area endured the preceding week had rendered part of the show lot unusable. Because of that the total number of vehicles that could be parked on the lot was reduced by around 15.  Vehicles were being parked in the restaurant’s customer parking lot which could impede the flow of the restaurant traffic and I’m sure some opted to pass on the show because of the complicated parking.  This event requires so many dedicated parking people from the club because of the tight space and the rules Prince William County imposes on the club.  But they always get through it in a professional manner and manage the event like a drill team on the parade ground in review

This is one of the northern most events we attend and we always are able to rekindle old friendships here, which is always a good thing.  I took pictures of about 140 show cars that were not club cars and most would be comfortable at any National show.  I liked the green/black ’54 Chevy Pickup and the candy red ’48 Chevy Fleetline the best.    Please check out the pictures to get a flavor of the quality and quantity of the vehicles that attended.  This show is one of the few we will attend this year and also one of the best.  It’s always on the first weekend of May….circle your 2015 calendar to be there next year!

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