Monday, August 17, 2015

To Wardensville, WV and beyond....

The weatherguessers were saying the rain would hold off till late at night….they lied!  Surprise?  The impending forecast kept many home Friday August 7th but some still came out….like David and his gnarly blue Mustang from Culpeper, about 40 miles away!  And Warren just brought his blue/black ’47 Chebbie from NY to visit.  But around 8PM it started to sprinkle and the cruise folded up. 

Saturday we had planned a cruise to Wardensville, WV to attend the monthly cruise at the Quarter Mile Diner.  The day was gorgeous so we left Stafford and began our 74 mile leg to Luray and the first pit stop.  Along the way we checked out Cooters place in Sperryville, VA….yup, the same Cooter that was in Dukes of Hazzard.

After we emptied our bladders and filled the tanks we continued on the next 58 mile leg of the cruise to Wardensville, WV.  As cruised through Front Royal, VA we drove past a show at the local Chevy dealer….looked like a lot of nice cars.  When we arrived at the diner there was one other car, Scott’s black Mustang!  We parked and checked out the memorabilia the owner of the diner displays then sat down to check out the food.  Coincidently three of us ordered the Nitro Burger….it was very good and could defiantly put a little pop in your step!  We visited with Scott for a while then decided it was time to start our 98 mile return by a different route that included a stint on the Mother Road, Rt. 66.  Going out we used back roads exclusively but on the return trip we used Interstates as much as we could.  It was a great day driving the scenic Virginia highways….you should go with us some day….you really are missing an enjoyable part of our hobby if you don’t get out once in a while.  Shows are cool, cruises are enjoyable too….but out on the road is where it’s at….

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