Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Cruise In weekend....

Friday evening at VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA was another special time visiting with friends.  It must be the cooler weather that brings out another 3-4 people to add to the growing mix of usual suspects.  After 7PM or so cars from the cruise at the other end of town came to visit….it’s all good. 

The green ’53 Ford that was being followed by a wooden boat of the ‘50’s was the center of attention most of the evening.  The original ’40 Chevy Master was stunningly done….and Warren’s Chevy AD is pretty cool too.  The chameleon painted Mitsubishi 3000 belongs to the guy that we met at this years Screech Cruise to Williamsburg, VA.  He didn’t run with us but got ahead of our group and took pictures of us as we passed through Tappahannock, VA….glad he feels comfortable enough to visit on the Friday cruise.  We broke camp around 8:30 and cruised home.  Another pleasant evening slips away as visions of snow shovels and parka’s loom in the distant future…..hehehehe

Saturday we decided to visit the Burger King in Manassas by the airport and the weekly cruise hosted by the Bull Run Street Rods.  We usually try to visit this cruise a few times during the year even though a lot of other shows and cruises vie for our attention.  This cruise usually attracts about 100 cars and I think they almost made that number this week.  This cruise is attended by a wide mix of rides and tonight we were visited by a local group of Jeeps.  Some members of the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club met us at the cruise as did our friend Andrew….we all set up camp under and around one of Burger King’s concrete picnic table/seats with the umbrella….it was on one of the few grassed areas and was very comfortable.  It was also in the middle of all the traffic so we got to see/hear most of the rides that attended….how cool is that? 

There was a beautiful maroon Model A nestled between a new blue Camaro and a lt. green ’54 Chevy.  A candy root beer brown ’72 Nova with the seldom seen sunroof option, this car won 1st place last year at the Nova Nationals.  The orange ’71 Challenger was one of the original parade cars at the Indy 500 that year!  My favorite was the blue Model A Pro Street PU that must have been a race car in a former life.  When we left he was in front of us….he stepped on it a little, very violent….like the RedRat was….  Some say this cruise is being taken over by “new” cars….for me I like ALL cars, new or old.  We all should be able to play well together.  Anyway, check out the pictures and see what you think.  I think it’s a good mix of special cars….and then there was those Jeeps….grinnng.

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