Monday, September 7, 2015

Wright's Dairy Cruise 9-6-2015

Sunday at 11AM we left Stafford with Bill & Jo-Ann then picked up Dan & Ramona on the way out.   When we had cruised 26 miles, we went past the ice cream place on Rt. 29 & Rt. 28, where Roy & his wife joined us.  We cruised another 22 miles and joined up with Fred & Debie and Lou & Arlene.  I usually lead our adventures but I wanted to follow today….Lou (with 3 GPS’s) agreed to lead us the rest of our 74 mile cruise to Staunton, VA.  Lou found this cruise a couple months ago and we decided to give it a try. 

After a couple unscheduled stops along the way we arrived at the cruise around 2:30….  Since we hadn’t attended this cruise before we didn’t know how it worked.  The cruise is advertised to be held from 2PM to 5PM.  After talking with some “regulars” they said you had to be onsite around 9AM to get and decent parking!  When we arrived ALL the “normal” parking was taken.  With a wink and a nod the Police directed Lou that we could park up a side street near a townhome area and walk down to the event.  We parked.  It was way too much walking for me so the Princess took all the pictures of the event AND the trip along the way.  Bill Errera also let me use some of his pictures too.  Lesson learned, next time we get to the twice a year cruise around 8:30.  We are 120 miles away so that will make for an early launch…..but I think we can manage.  It looked like about 140 cars drove through and/or parked.  There were a lot of “spectator” crowds too.  It felt like a cruise to put on our calendar for next year.

We packed up around 4:45 then decided to return home by a little different route that would take us through Elkton and an Italian dinner at Ciro’s.  Whenever we get within 100 miles the Princess begins to whine around 3pm….  After eating too much Italian food and topping of the fuel tanks, we cruised 90 miles north and home….  Everyone peeled off the group as we got close to their home….The Princess & I were the last ones on the road.  Another great day driving around the Virginia countryside with friends in our hot rods….I love this hobby.

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