Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Salem VFD Culpeper, VA 5-29-2016

Sunday a few of us were going to converge on the Salem VFD in Culpeper, VA for the annual fundraiser.  Tony of Tony’s Body Shop manages the event and it is always a well attended deal with nice rides.  The weatherguessers were saying that hurricane Bonnie would pay us a visit in the form of a lot of rain on Sunday.  Some said it would arrive around Noon….others said it would arrive later in the day but before dark.  So we go…..

We arrived a little early so we could pretty much pick our parking spot….and we would need to save one for Fred & Debie.  After the four of us set up camp we ventured inside the fire house where the firefighters were serving breakfast!  What a concept!

The day was unfolding normally and I struck out to document the participants with my trusty Sony H9.  I purchased the Sony in 2007 at the advice of a professional photographer friend.  I have captured over 60,000 images so far and have been very pleased with the results.  Lately the shutter button has been malfunctioning and while doing repair research I found that it is a common problem with the whole “H” series of Sony.  It’s one of the few parts that can be readily found on the net.  I purchased one and will see if I can become a camera repairman next week….  But today I started photographing the reflection of our farm truck in the hubcap of Fred’s ’57 Dodge….I like to try artsy fartsy shots occasionally.  The rest of my day would be trying to tweak the polarizer filter to put the reflections where I want on the vehicles and working with the sun….and waiting for people to move on so I can get a clear shot of the ride.  I was about half way through the field when I heard the announcer say they were going to end the show early because of ominous returns on the weather radar, coming directly towards us!  Bonnie was going to make an appearance today.  I walked a little faster and shortened my photo composition time so I could capture all the vehicles….whew.  When I reached our camp, Fred and the girls had taken down the canopy and were in the process of putting the chairs away too. 

Tony quickly ran through the award program and let us out around 1:30….instead of 3PM or later!  We all left and ran for home going in and out of very minor spritzing on the truck before we were in the garage!  A welcome end to a very busy weekend….

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