Saturday, May 21, 2016

VA BBQ 5-20-2016

I think it has rained in Virginia for 400 days straight….some of our neighbor’s lawns look like the Serengeti during the monsoons, I expect reports of lions lurking in the grass any day now.  Friday it finally cleared up and the weather was perfect!  A visit to VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA was in order….we dusted the farm truck off and headed south.

We got there a little early to make sure we got the parking spot we wanted.  A few months ago a “Better World” clothing and shoe donation box showed up in the parking lot.  It takes up just enough space to make the rest of the parking spot pretty much useless unless you drive a bike or Crosley.  The bikes like to park close to the building and I haven’t seen a Crosley at the Q for a few years now….so we like to park in the spot next to the collection box and use the space the box is in for our people gathering.  That way we don’t have to fight with the ants for space on the grass.  We parked on one side of the box and Fred parked on the other side, effectively ensuring enough space for 10-12 cruisers to sit in a loose circle, in an ant free area while the evening unfolded.  We like to gather on the opposite side of the parking lot from the DJ….we like the music but we like to share the time in conversation too.  The music play list was just about perfect….the DJ nailed it.

The host club, Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club, runs a 50/50 to provide funds for their charity program for needy families in December….I think the total for the night was almost $300!  The club members are kept busy with the music, 50/50, parking and networking.  Kim keeps Rick busy most of the evening welcoming visitors and rubbing on their red Chevy truck with the yellow flames….hehehehe

About 60 vehicles visited during the evening and the rides varied from a pro street ’63 Dodge with Elephant power to a little blue ’62 VW weezer and most everything in between.  Darryl ventured out and was scaring the Mustangs & Camaro’s with his Plum Crazy ’16 Challenger Hellcat….that is one intimidating machine.  JV & CJ stayed a while in their T-Bucket and a young gentleman added his yellow Ford Focus to the mix, he even put a “TAXI” sign on the roof later….  Bill & Debbie brought their ’61 Metro out after it’s winter hibernation, it is unquestionably a hippy car.  Ricky & Diane joined us with their red ’29 Ford Sedan….he built his Ford from a barn find and did all the work himself, check it out sometime.  Besides the ’63 Pro Street Dodge, my favorite of the evening was the very dark blue ’31 Ford Roadster….just perfect.

It was getting just a little chilly when the club gave out the managers choice and club choice trophy so a few of us packed up and decided to visit Freddy’s Restaurant for a late dinner….  After our gastronomical adventure we all cruised home in different directions….a cool ending to a great day with cars & friends….I love this hobby….

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