Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Greenfield Senior Living display 11-11-2016

In the middle of October Fred, one of our members of Cruisin For Heroes, got a lead that a Senior center in Fredericksburg, VA was looking for someone to provide some classic cars for their residents to interact with on Veterans Day.  Fred gave the lead to Lou then Lou & I set up a hasty meeting with the managers of the Greenfield Senior Living facility on October 19th.  We met with the managers, Gerry & Caroline, to work out the details that included a donation to The Fisher House Foundation.  Time was short as we only had 23 days to put a meaningful display field together so we both began to strategize on the people we would invite.
Cruisin For Heroes has been providing displays like this for 8 years so we knew what we had to do.  Usually the people that contract with us for the display will tell us what kind of vehicles they would like but sometimes they just leave it to us to pick the ones from our volunteer list that we think would be appropriate. Given the nature of the people we were doing this for, we kept the vehicles to 1960 or older.  The one exception was Ron’s orange ’69 Camaro but the rest of the field ranged from Bill & Debbie’s 1923 Ford Speedster to Bill’s ’57 Chevy.  We wanted vehicles that the residents of the home could relate to, something that would hopefully rekindle a fond memory. 
The event would be on Veteran’s Day which was a Friday this year and getting volunteers to commit for an event on a weekday is usually problematic.  This would not be as difficult because some would have the day off anyway.  We ended up with a field of 16 very special rides AND the very special people that brought them out.  Since our events usually call for us to stay near our vehicles to interact with folks that have questions about our rides….we have to be selective about who we invite.  Some have very nice vehicles but are not too social….for this event we had to strike a balance that leaned toward the owners being social.  I think we hit it!
I roamed around taking pictures of the residents interacting with the owners and the rides.  I usually focus on the vehicles, not the spectators….this was different….this time the residents would be the focus.  I listened to the comments and stories as I moved around like the one resident that was present on the USS Missouri battleship during the signing of the surrender of Japan that ended WWII.  There were a lot of folks and each one had a story to share.  It was a little chilly but sunny….I guess you could describe the weather as crisp.  The residents wandered around and enjoyed the vehicles till about 3:30 then they retreated to the warmth of their home.  We had a check presentation with the folks from Greenfield then everyone dispersed shortly after.  It was an awesome afternoon with some very special folks that make up the fabric of America….I’m so glad we were able to bring a little of the past back for a few people that Friday.
Be sure to check this link for the pictures….some are very special.


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