Sunday, November 27, 2016

Over The River And Through The Woods Run 2016

The Beach boys (Dallas, Corey & Eli Beach) joined the Princess & I as we left the WAWA in N. Stafford, VA to cruise 27 miles south on I-95 to Thornburg, VA.  We were going to participate in the 8th annual Over The River And Through The Woods Run that began at the Dominion Raceway.  It was partly cloudy, very windy and cool….but at least it wasn’t snowing or raining!  The breeze made the chill factor about minus 274 degrees….yup….

The folks began arriving at 8AM and continued dribbling in till about 9AM….at which time the host of the Raceway, Edwin Perdue, showed us around the world class facility. Inside is an awesome restaurant and gift shop, it was closed for our visit but normally open for scheduled events. The building has a large observation deck that most of the raceway can be viewed from.  It has a very challenging 2 mile road course, and a 3/10ths oval track for the NASCAR cars.  The IHRA sanctioned, 1/8 mile drag strip has all the modern bells & whistles one would expect at a facility like this. This facility has great access from I-95 or Rt. 1….it should be a must attend venue when the season begins in the spring.  They also host private events for clubs and other groups….give them a call if you are planning an outing and want something truly different.

Edwin drove the big ol’ silver Dodge pace truck and led most of the folks around the road track for a couple laps.  Then he led everyone around the big oval and stopped at the start/finish line for a photo op.  Now THAT was a hoot!

At 10:30 our 29 vehicles began the 70 mile cruise to Charlottesville, VA where we would have lunch at the Wood Grille Buffet.  We have used this restaurant for a few years now and have always been delighted with the service and quality of food offerings they have….this year was no exception!  If you leave hungry….you really must not like to eat.  We have some vegetarians, diabetics, gluten intolerant folks and they all found something they could eat!  They also have the best white chocolate cookies I’ve tasted in a very long time. After grazing for a couple hours it was time to leave.  We all left at our own time and direction….it was a good day….again!

Cruisin For Heroes has put this event on for the last 7 years….and each of those 7 years it has been pretty much my deal….sometimes I have some help from other members of the group but the Princess and I do most of the planning, checking the route, setting up the stops and restaurants along with the advertising and other logistical things.  As I get longer in the tooth I would like to have others in our group step up and take over most the things I do.  Earlier this year I asked one of our new CFH members, Jimmy K., if he would want to run the cruise this year….to include the planning and execution.  Like I did, Jimmy wisely enlisted the assistance of his wife Annie….they are like two peas in the same pod….like the Princess & I.  They did the contacting, planning, research, advertising, trouble shooting, route verification….the whole deal….  I’m sure they had more than a little stress with some parts of the event….but they MADE IT HAPPEN.  I personally want to thank them BOTH for stepping up and making this year’s event unforgettable for so many folks….  And I finally got to just follow along….I think I could learn to like this….

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