Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chuck and Linda's exellent adventure 4-5-08

The day started at Bob Evans in Stafford at 7AM for our Stafford Classics meeting and the rain clouds were very 8AM we could see the blue not go to a car show? Some of us left the meeting and went home to get the hot rods to the Brooke Point HS show. The kids, teachers and so many others had done so much preparation for the show we felt we had to try to attend out of respect of their effort. I could tell the show was going to be different from last year when we pulled into the school....the direction was helpful and concise, then after having our picture taken in front of a large American flag we went to our parking spot. The 'event staff' were in clearly marked chartreuse t-shirts and were very helpful when needed. The restrooms were in the school and a vast improvement over last year, thanks. The food was very good and especially the ice cream....Did you know that when you eat ice cream at a car show the calories don't count, I read that on the Internet, must be true!....grin The day was wonderful, sun in and out, a little breeze....just almost perfect. The DJ from 104.5 was on top of her stuff which made the day better too. She is always a welcome addition to any show. The demonstration by the 540 boys was awesome, not to be missed. There was a nice mix of cars from new Rosner Toyota's to some 'old school' cars and everything in between. The tunners were very well represented, they really deserve a second look! The Aquia Corvettes were there and added to the ambiance of the show, it's always nice to have a little culture and sophistication around us rowdy hot rod people....grin A military jeep was there, you need to look at the detail of their restoration, it is just as detailed and period correct as any street automobile that was there, check them out the next time you see one at a will be amazed. The awards ceremony went well, the trophies were very nice then Mr. Paul thanked us for our participation and we were all dismissed. A great show and worthy of your attendance next year, don't miss it.

After the show we went to Bruster's and formed up for a 'circuit cruise'....Steve's blue maverick (that car is a beast), Jim's Red 68 GT350 Shelby, Dan & Ramona's black 55 Chevy, Linda's Red 33 Ford and Chuck's red 34 Ford. We left Bruster's at about 5:40 and drove to Foster's in SouthPoint. Ask Chuck about when green doesn't mean had to be there! When we arrived at Foster's nothing was going on and the parking was not reserved so we drove to A1 Speed and Custom. We skipped Sonic because the rain was really looking ominous. When we arrived at A1 the DJ was playing music and there were about 10 cars present. We stayed about 45 min and the rain started to sprinkle, so we left for Stafford. We arrived back at Bruster's and Ron was wrapping up the event for the night so we milled around and took some pictures then left for home.

Whew a real busy 13 hrs....For all the rain that was forcasted we really had a good turn out for the show, cruise and circuit cruise. More next week. Please check out the pictures at;

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Andrew said...

Great photos of all the cars and trucks man, NICE.